The Best New Amazon Releases: Dark Souls 3 Featuring Ratchet & Clank


Death comes to new-gen, Sony’s top platforming mascots hit PlayStation 4, and WWE’s top table-breakers get a documentary release amongst this week’s new releases!

Yay, tax week is upon us! As a small business, you can expect the Laser Time crew to shed a few bucks and a few tears (and buck the system by doing a FREE Monday Night Movie for Star Wars: The Force Awakens), but perhaps some of you have some sweet tax returns to spend. And why not do it on the world’s largest online retailer?!  This week has some high-profile releases, including one of the previous gen’s biggest franchises making its official new-gen debut, while Sony’s platforming stars return to dominance. On the movie side, it’s an eclectic bunch, but horror fans should have some fun! Whether you’re getting one of these new games/movies or are in the market something different entirely, purchasing anything after clicking any link on this page kicks a small commission back to us. Also, if you buy any new game listed here (in physical form) and have Amazon Prime, you’re gonna get a sweet 20% discount. Anywho, on to the games and Blu-rays!

Dark Souls III
After a decent definitive edition collecting the first pair of Dark Souls, we finally have a new-gen version of this dark and death-filled franchise. Even with modern advances in visuals and sound, you can expect the game itself to be just as harsh and obtuse as you die hundreds of times in a harsh and punishing world that will keep you on defense for hours in order to make modest gains. You can also get a modest discount on Amazon if you’re a Prime member, making death 20% cheaper! You can use the link above to die on PlayStation 4, but you can also get the DS3 on Xbox One.

Ratchet & Clank
April’s going to be a big month for the PlayStation’s most prominent mascots (sorry, Jak and Daxter). Ahead of the wide-release, celeb-packed movie, the PlayStation 4 will get what’s been called a “re-imagining” of the fourteen-year-old original. That sounds like it’ll be more than just higher-res textures and better tutorials, but time (and reviews) will tell if this is more like the Resident Evil remake or one of the many Definitive Editions that made things slightly smoother and shinier. You’ll soon find out, and possibly for a nice price, as Amazon Prime members will score a 20% discount!

Bravely Second: End Layer
After a critically acclaimed debut a few years back (2012 in Japan, 2014 in the US), Bravely Default has become another major weapon in Square Enix’s armory. How can you tell? Well, just like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, they seem to rarely affix numbers to new games, as is the case with Bravely Second: End Layer. Where most fans would flock to a Bravely Default 2, now they’ve got to figure out that the “Second” in the middle of this title refers to its status as a sequel, while the subtitle screams DLC add-on. Oh well. I bet Henry will love this one! And you probably will, too, thanks to that sweet new release 20% disount for Amazon Prime members!

The Forest
Modern horror movies are always just a tad creepier when tethered to something real. Just like The Witch was made scarier by its tie to Salem’s witch trials, The Forest is actually based on the very real Aokigahara Forest in Japan, where hundreds of people have taken their own lives within over the last few decades. Of course, the movie itself takes some liberties by including creepy ghosts and murderous good-looking young people, but if you like your horror with a splash of Japan and plenty of dark outdoor activity, look no further than The Forest.

Straight Outta Dudleyville: The Legacy of the Dudley Boyz
As per usual for WWE returnees, a new DVD will offer up a mix of classic matches and a high-production quality documentary that covers the rise to glory. This new one, focused on The Dudley Boyz, will likely tell a pretty thorough tale of Bubba Ray and Devon’s beginnings in ECW and their major role in popularizing the fast-paced high-flying hardcore matches that the duo popularized with the Hardys and Edge & Christian in the early 2000s. Hopefully we’ll also learn more about their acrimonious legal battles for the Dudley name after their departure and get more than just lip service about Bully Ray’s main-event run in TNA, but breaking that silence isn’t as easy as breaking a table.

It Follows (Steelbook Blu-ray)
This steelbook right here? It follows It Follows’ standard Blu-ray release last year, which wasn’t barebones, but not quite what one would expect from 2015’s top horror movie. While there’s still no new info about whether IF’s Steelbook release will pack on new features atop the critics commentary and the five-minute interview with (rightly) celebrated composer Disasterpiece, you can rest assured that the box itself is quite the upgrade as this 80s style art is a real eye-catcher when compared to the blase “teens in a car” cover from last year’s release. Regardless, if you haven’t seen It Follows, this is the best way to watch one of the moodiest and most interesting horror films of the last year.

Heroes Reborn
NBC’s Heroes made its return to television like so many franchises as of late (see X-Files, Arrested Development, and 24), but where those franchises didn’t have much in the way of modern-day competition, Heroes Reborn died a quick death because NBC failed to realize that the same audience that ravenously consumed the adventures of the Cheerleader and the sinister Sylar back in the early 2000s can now find almost a dozen better superhero-focused shows that don’t jerk around fans as much. Still, there is some charm to revisiting the time-traveling Hiro and that psychic chubby cop, even if higher profile actors like Hayden Panettiere and Zachary Quinto didn’t return to their aforementioned iconic roles. But hey, if you’ve picked up the entire series on Blu-ray already, why not finish the collection with what is certainly the final chapter of the Heroes saga.

Miyazaki fans should not miss this sale!

The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki
Hayao Miyazaki is the most celebrated animator of the last 50 years, and for good reason. Films like My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Princess Mononoke are some of the most fully realized worlds ever shown in theaters, capturing the hearts of people from just about every age and part of the planet. Now that he’s retired, Amazon has an exquisite looking special collection of every feature length film Miyazaki directed all in one box set. Plus, there are some fantastic bonuses as well that will likely justify the price. Currently it’s less than $180, which is a fucking STEAL. If you love animation, BUY THIS.












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