Doctor Strange’s First Trailer Is Strangely True To His Origins


Benedict Cumberbatch has finally taken his new mantle off Sorcerer Supreme to the public in the first ever footage from the next Marvel franchise…

After Spider-Man, no Steve Ditko creation is more iconic than Doctor Strange. But I can tell you as a reader, I never thought the tale of a disgraced surgeon who turns away from addiction to master the mystic arts would EVER be made into a movie. And yet, here we are! Straight from the Jimmy Kimmel premiere, here it is…

There was his origin seemingly unchanged, there was Mordo and the Ancient One, and fucking ASTRAL PROJECTION…


Very promising for such an unpredictable property. We’ll have some more thoughts on it on our comic book podcast, but are you a little sad you didn’t see Strange fully in costume? I guess they’ve gotta save something for Comic-Con.


Anyway, the film is out November 4, and if you’re looking to study up on the holder of the Eye of Agamato, here’s some of his best comics (and buying through that link helps support Laser Time!)…










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10 thoughts on “Doctor Strange’s First Trailer Is Strangely True To His Origins

  1. Did anyone catch Mads Mikkelsen in the trailer? Nice to see that Marvel isn’t afraid to put characters in some ridiculous face makeup

  2. I love Dr. Strange and I love Tilda Swinton but that whitewashing of the Ancient One is messed up. Seeing her with the bald head and that garb was not the right direction to take that character with this casting. Really took me out of the moment. 🙁

    1. I can’t say I’m happy about that either. There are few enough Asian characters in the Marvel universe as is.
      At least Wong will be played by a Chinese actor, so we have that to look forward to.

      1. The thing is, I think it’s even worse now. Cause they are using the Tibet origin and doubling down on the Asian mysticism. There are no major Asian characters and they seem to be underplaying Wong–who doesn’t even show up in the trailer. It’s like Firefly where they coop Chinese culture for the universe but there are no Asians in the main cast. Marvel is so great and updating their characters for modern movies but don’t put in the effort for their villains or supporting characters.

  3. Looking pretty cool. I’m glad Marvel are willing to go “out there” with its strange concepts, no pun intended.

    That said, the villain is an evil sorcerer, so an evil version of that titular character. This is a recurring trend in many Marvel origin films, which is why I think they are lacking in the memorable villain department on the big screen. Iron Monger (evil Iron Man), Abomination (evil Hulk), Red Skull (evil Cap) and Yellow Jacket (evil Ant Man). Even Loki falls into this but he does break the mold and is probably one of the best. I would suggest something very different but the last time they tried that (Mandarin, Ultron), they still failed.

    Sorry, if it seems I’m being negative, I do really like these films and I am looking forward to this one especially.

  4. seriously Cumberbatch is the perfect casting, really cant see anyone else playing strange in modern film, except for maybe gary oldman from ten years ago during the time of the prisoner of azkaban. call me excited!

  5. Am I the only one that was surprised to see “the operative” be in the film? Sure, they mentioned the possibility of multiple dimensions, but I never thought they would link it to Firefly :O

    Seriously though, Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character looks like it could seriously be the same guy from serenity, which is far from a bad thing for me.

    All in all, looks very interesting and out there without feeling too silly, so I’m game 😀

  6. Looks pretty interesting, I definitely got an Inception vibe from the trailer. I only have a passing knowledge of Dr. Strange from when he has shown up in other books like Iron Man or Deadpool. But Cumberbatch definitely looks like the right choice for this role. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

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