Cheap Popcast #79 – Kane’s Kayfabe History, Raw Tag Teams, & New Japan Invasion


A new Cheap Popcast segment debuts as we run down the complicated kayfabe history of Kane before moving onto Raw’s excellent matches and debut, Nakamura’s next NXT match, Lucha Underground’s upcoming giant fight, and the new developments in New Japan Pro Wrestling.


CROWD QUESTION: What pro wrestling storyline would you say was written the best?

Check out this recent stream from Laser Time’s YouTube page, including the Game Boy Color wrestling-themed beat-em-up WWF Betrayal!

13 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #79 – Kane’s Kayfabe History, Raw Tag Teams, & New Japan Invasion

  1. Good but tough question because everyone nitpicks storylines. While the CM Punk thing was great in the latter half of 2011 as well as the Break up of The Shield. I have to go with the Bayley/Sasha feud from last year. In the words of Stefon Meyers, “IT HAD EVERYTHING”. Perfect matches, the women respected each other, simple story telling. I can’t remember the last time I cried at a wrestling match but I did at both Takeover: Brooklyn and Takeover:Respect. Bayley has been one of my favourites since I started watching NXT in 2014 and i’m glad she got to where she is now. I have a good feeling that Vince won’t fuck her over when she joins the main roster. Everyone loves her and her merch sells like hotcakes.

  2. QOTW: I’m going to have to go with Bret Hart’s fued with Stone Cold Steve Austin, it was just as WWF started to step their game up in terms of booking an interesting wrestling show but before WWF went too far with all the Vince Russo-isms. Stone Cold had one of the best babyface turns in the history of wrestling, and Bret Hart turning from face to heel without really changing his character from what it had been for years was done really well. I know 1997 is not well regarded by WWE because it was one of their worst years financially but 1997 was a fantastic year in terms of main event storylines

  3. I lived in Philadelphia in the 90’s and worked with a cousin of one of ECW’s women, so the Tommy Dreamer/Raven story line always meant something to me. I saw a lot of it live and then got to go backstage and be around the wrestlers. I am not surprised many of them have not lived from what I saw back then. All the ways they tied in Terry Funk, Stevie Richards, Beulah etc.. it just kept going with turns that made sense, It all led up to Dreamer finally getting his win after almost two years I think. It was even kept alive while Raven was in WCW. I think he even made a surprise return at one to win the tag titles with Dreamer. My memory is a little hazy about that period.

  4. I actually recently went back and re-watched the whole Daniel Bryan/Authority storyline from the beginning at Summerslam on the WWE network. It started with HHH pedigreeing Bryan after he won the WWE title for the first time then Orton cashed in. We all remember the backlash WWE faced after pulling Bryan from Rumble where Batista ended up winning. Then WWE rectified themselves with inserting Bryan in the title storyline as if if was the plan all along. The whole storyline that began at Summerslam 2013 and ended at Mania 30 with Bryan winning the WWEWHC title in a underdog fashion came out perfectly.

  5. I really dug the kayfabe history feature. I’d love to hear audio clips to accompany it although I understand that it takes more prep time. I think if you keep it up you’ll have to eventually hit the insane history of sexual chocolate mark henry.
    As far as the qotw the only thing jumping out to me is anytime mick Foley transitioned characters. It always seemed like a big deal. From losing the cage match with hhh and tapping his feet to the beat leading to dude loves reveal. His famous vignette leading to cactus jacks reveal.Hell I’d go as far as to say Foley is goat on the mic. His time as Vince’s stooge made him so pitiable, he can add so much emotion to an angle

  6. QotW: the storyline that turned the Rock from the People’s Champ into the Corporate Champion at Summer Slam ’98 was amazing because it showed that, somehow, the WWF could pair a decent story with some amazingly subtle booking. The Rock’s last matches and all of the “failed” interference carried a risk of spoiling the turn, but the Rock’s charisma kept the audience enthralled until the moment happened. I can only imagine the writer behind it was trying their hardest for the kayfabe version of Kaiser Soze, both between the betrayal and the “oh…” hints; and hats off, they may have come closer than anyone else will.

  7. QOTW: I’d have to say I really enjoyed Mark Henry’s Hall of Pain. The in ring work left much to be desired, but the writing behind the matches and Henry’s work on the mic really made it memorable for me. Also, the side feud with Daniel Bryan was great.

  8. I love the Kayfabe History idea. I’d love to see it get more time and production. (sound clips etc.)

  9. Cm Punk vs Jeff Hardy on Smackdown during 2009 I believe. Mainly for that time Punk hit Hardy’s neck on the post causing Punk to tell the EMTs to go around the long way and then one of my favorite quotes ever by Punk as he was yelling at the EMTs while they were attending to Hardy “Fix Him, Fix him so I can break him again”

  10. In 1993, HBK was stripped of the IC title, which was later won by Razor. Since HBK was never defeated in the ring for the title, he claimed to be the rightful champ and even created his own IC Championship. This went on to create one of the best match of all time at Wrestlemania 10 Ladder Match!

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