A Star Fox Anime Is Arriving Unexpectedly This Wednesday

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Talk about an unexpected treat – just as Star Fox Zero is launching, we’re getting an anime short that’s flying in out of the Blue on 4/20…

It has been years since the last real Star Fox game, and even longer since Shigeru Miyamoto hand such direct involvement, but this week marks the launch of Star Fox Zero on Wii U. If that news isn’t enough to get you to do a barrel roll, two days ahead of the US launch we’re getting a surprise Star Fox anime! Take a look at the preview video…

Since Star Fox’s whole story was first inspired by pulp adventure shows of Miyamoto’s youth, it shouldn’t be a shock to see him creating a short film on the subject. And just look, the whole team is here!

Star Fox Team SMALL

Produced by Miyamoto in conjunction with Production I.G. and WIT Studio (two world renowned animation studios), Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins reunites Fox, Falco, Peppy, and even Slippy in a short film that hopefully explains the plot leading up to Zero’s story. I say hopefully because Star Fox’s timeline and continuity is basically full of more holes and retcons than your average DC comic book. A prelude anime would imply the story has been worked out some, right?

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The anime is airing on Live.Nintendo.Com at 3pm Pacific Time, and will be followed by some final details on Star Fox Zero ahead of the game’s Friday release. In the meantime, why not watch us play a Star Fox classic that might not be canonical anymore!

Star Fox Zero
Also, if you’re interested in getting the game, you can still pre-order this Wii U exclusive! (And if you buy it by clicking on this link, it helps Laser Time at no extra cost to you!)

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  1. You should look at the recommended videos after you watch the teaser, as there’s also a new trailer that shows off those awesome Star Fox Muppets again.

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