SNL Viewers Club: Julia Louis-Dreyfus with Nick Jonas

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The Veep returns to studio 8H to host Saturday Night Live for the third time. So how did it go…?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware that Julia Louis-Dreyfus on SNL during its low point in the early 80s. That’s not a dig against her; that’s just what happened. Since then, she’s become one of TV’s most important comediennes, most recently starring in HBO’s Veep. Joining her for musical duties is Nick Jonas, so if you like Disney stars going a bit bad, you’ll probably enjoy his stuff.

Brooklyn Democratic Debate Cold Open

We’re all getting tired of political openers (it’s that time of year), but fortunately, this one had a lot of elements that make it worth checking out. Kenan Thompson’s entrance was hilarious, and Vanessa Bayer’s Jennifer Aniston has joined the ranks of my favorite impressions. And our host Julia reprising her iconic Elaine Benes? Perfect.


This monologue included everything it needed to: jokes unique to Julia, cutaways, and a great cameo — gotta love Tony Hale! Can’t complain.

Heroin AM

“Chasing the dragon while I chase this little guy.” A decent parody, even if it wasn’t SNL’s funniest fake ad. The delivery was just like the real commercials, and I loved Julia’s “monster vision.”

Huge Jewelry

First of all, as an Italian man, I can say this sketch is scarily accurate. Second, the joke escalated perfectly, from big necklaces to absurdly huge dangling pearls. Nick Jonas cameo was pretty meh, but otherwise a good sketch.

Pool Boy

The word “OK” can really go a long way, huh? Pete Davidson killed it in this one, the perfect foil to Julia’s emotional housewife. Much better Nick Jonas cameo too.

Cinema Classics with Julia Louis-Dreyfus

I like Kenan’s Reese De’What, but this recurring sketch usually comes later in the show. It was also very one-note this time, save for the “made in China” line. Not the best Cinema Classics bit we’ve seen.

New Mercedes

I don’t know how I feel about the premise here, but the visual gag of all those batteries is pretty funny. At least this one lasted about as long as it should have (there’s your unintentional battery joke).

Weekend Update

Colin Jost and Michael Che’s jokes were decent this week, though the highlight was probably the Donald Trump/Bernie Sanders comparison. Kenan and Jay Pharoah as Charles Barkley and Shaq were just as funny as their last appearance, and Aidy Bryant’s Animal Annie cracked me up too — there’s some real rage under the surface there. Cecily Strong’s One-Dimensional Female Character was extra scathing this week, and while I applaud the commentary, it wasn’t as funny as past appearances. A decent Update overall.

Who Works Here?

Too long for a taking-down of CVS, but there were some highlights. These include Bobby Moynihan’s male prostitute and Kate McKinnon’s dead assistant manager. Event

Have you ever asked yourself, “What’s the most desperate a user can get?” then this sketch has the answer: a desperate need for procreation in order to save their alien planet. Aside from Kate and Julia’s terrifying eyes, this sketch had a few good moments. But for the most part, it was a short, bizarre bit of surrealist comedy.

God Is a Boob Man

I’m all for SNL tackling controversy, but this sketch just didn’t do it well. The use of “Fight Song” (the epitome of terrible pop, really) was smart, but otherwise the jokes just seemed mean-spirited, probably because they framed this thing like a hard drama.

Grade: B-

I’m always happy to see Julia on the stage, but this episode was only slightly above average. At least some sketches like Pool Boy stood out. And now we get a few weeks’ break before Brie Larson hosts for the first time.

Bonus: Paul Ryan Ad

This sketch was cut for time, but honestly it’s not too good anyway. It’s here if you wanna watch anyway.

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