8 Stupid Things Superman Does in Video Games


How did the greatest superhero who ever lived end up becoming the worst video game character of all-time?!

I hate that this needs to be said. Just because we hated Batman v Superman, doesn’t mean I’m a DC hater. Superman was my introduction to comics, superhero movies, and Fleisher cartoons. I had Superman bed sheets, a vinyl record of John Williams’ immortal theme song I’d spin on repeat and I believe I wore a Superman cap throughout most of my 20s.

With almost a century’s worth versatility, it’s fucking maddening how poorly Superman has translated to just about every medium outside the comic page. Of course, one field of entertainment has been a helluva lot worse to Superman than all the others. Those of you who read headlines already know I’m talking about video games. The rest of you should just click that video above. There’s a shitload of proof in there.

Big thanks to Josh Anderson at Sketch Layer for the editing assitance! And check out some long form Superman gameplay, if you’re a masochistic type. 




13 thoughts on “8 Stupid Things Superman Does in Video Games

  1. There was a Superman 2 player beat’em up arcade game that was in a Pizza Hut at the corner of my street growing up. My friend and I used to play it all time. There was also pretty cool iOS game a few years ago (no longer supported) that was also a lot of fun. It’s so easy to make a good superman game. Punch a ton of stuff, fly fast, a little freeze breath & a nice dose of heat vision. The End. Everyone (movies, games, etc.) overthinks superman and that’s when the results are not good.

  2. Wow. This is absolutely incredible.

    Setting all the podcasts aside, this is the best thing you guys have done since the inception of this website. I cannot fucking wait for more. This is perfect.

  3. I feel like this is the kind of project you like to work on the most Chris, and it was fantastic! Really hope this gets the widespread recognition it deserves. Also great editing by Josh!

  4. Fantastic video! I can’t believe the absurdity of Super Man carefully ascending and descending down a ladder never occurred to me while watching the livestream.

  5. This is a GREAT video. I feel like it distills the essence of LaserTime down to a more easily consumable length. Great work Chris and Josh!

  6. This was really good y’all! Been enjoying many of the video things going up lately, the Marvel card set stuff has been very cool as well, Kingdom Farts is a great reminder of why I never got into that series. Keep up the great work everyone!

  7. This is an excellent video Chris! Kudos to everyone involved. Still baffles me how there’s no great Superman game. Although, other than the Arkham games recently there haven’t been many good superhero games in general i suppose.

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