IT’S ABOUT TIME: The Simpsons Get a Disney Couch Gag


Legendary animator Eric Goldberg adds a little Disney theatrical flair to the Simpsons’ living room!

Surely you’re not surprised when your pals at Laser Time lose their collective shit every time The Simpsons have a guest animator whip up a couch gag? Are we not the manchildren with a weekly Simpsons podcast as well as a well-documented and potentially unhealthy obsession with 90s hand drawn animation?! That we are. And even though I know we’ve previously gushed over previosly guested Simpsons couch gags by Paul Robertson, John K, Don Hetzfeldt, Justin Roiland and whatever the hell you wanna call this 80s throwback delight… This one today? Jesus Christ, this is something special. WATCH:

This Disney-fied couch gag comes courtesy of Eric Goldberg, one of the few legendary and living 2D animators I can name of the top of my head. Among other things, Goldberg is basically responsible for the casting of and characterization of Robin Williams’ Genie from Aladdin, a long-time collaborator with Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s Richard Williams (no relation), and the director of Pocahontas and Fantasia 2000’s timeless Rhapsody in Blue segment.

simpsons disney couch gag laser time

The casting of each Simpson’s Disney equivalent is great, as is the parodic music (except in the case of the real classical piece used in Fantasia). I could go on and how good this is, but I’m actually a little baffled it took The Simpsons this long to get a little Disney flavor into its’ guest animator spot. With even Disney gutting its traditional/hand drawn animation divisions, The Simpsons is essentially the last 2D game in town. But I suppose an aging millennial like me should be more appreciative for what we’re getting today, enjoy the couch gag, and refrain from getting all “gift horsey.” OH! Speaking of which, instead of bitching, let’s all watch Goldberg’s “Get a Horse,” Mickey Mouse’s latest and greatest theatrical short!

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  1. Homer as Baloo is the best thing ever, Family Guy tries to make a joke about Disney cartoons meanwhile The Simpsons celebrates it and other legendary animators.

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