Laser Time – What’s The Oldest Toy?


Join us for a tour of toy history as we explore the most long-lasting toy lines in history. From 1980s cartoons still going strong to silver age superheroes, we’ve got more than enough anecdotes and old-school ads to fill your toybox!


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25 thoughts on “Laser Time – What’s The Oldest Toy?

  1. I am so grateful for having older siblings for many reasons, but having the original line of TMNT toys still around a decade later when I began to play with toys was so awesome.

  2. My first Star Wars toy was the Kenner X-Wing and Luke Skywalker X-Wing pilot back in 1979 for my 3rd birthday. That carried right into He-Man, GI Joe, Transformers and MASK. Having YouTube around to save all those great commercials lets me relive my childhood and led to a lot of unnecessary Ebay spending.

  3. There WAS a TaleSpin action figure line! I had the kid with his little kite air skateboard thing.

    Also Mickey has had two Disney Infinity figures and is well represented at my target. He has figures, plushes, and all kinds of stuff.

  4. Absolutely love these toy episodes! Over the past few years I’ve been collecting toys like crazy, mostly ones that I had as a kid. I loved your TMNT quiz episode, I have most of the Playmates original figures, they look damn good on my shelf with the Party Wagon and Pizza Thrower. My parents threw away 95% of what I used to have, and I was a desperate for money teenager in high school that sold the rest of them. I’ve now dedicated almost an entire room to my collecting, and I’ve managed to find so many of my favorite toys as a kid on Ebay. I occasionally go to Target or even sometimes Toysrus to check out the new stuff just for fun and walk out with some Nintendo, LEGO, Pokemon, Disney, or TMNT stuff. Chris, mentioned people complaining about the focus on nostalgia on the show, nostalgia is probably the main reason I love most of the episodes that you guys put out, including this one! I’d lose it if you guys had a dedicated toy show, stuff from 80’s 90’s mostly, but modern would be great too.

  5. This just reminds me of how i lost both sex toy story contests after going all out each time even breakin my expensive mezco king kong

  6. This was a really fun ep. My first guess was “since there were 4 different Batmen and 1 Superman in the BvS line, Chris saw a Batman but no Superman and so Batman is the oldest.”

    It’s interesting that y’all brought up Tom Kalinske and Console Wars in the context of He-Man but not Barbie, given that he’s apparently the guy who said “Instead of one Barbie per year and different outfits, let’s do a doll at every price point from $5 to $100 with different outfits and accessories.”

    I could talk so much about the origins of Transformers (short version: most of the toys were from Diaclone, but the “real world” items like Megatron and Soundwave, and the Autobot Minicars, were Microman toys that Mego didn’t take for the Micronauts line. Bumblebee has a flat backside in car mode because he’s supposed to turn into a toy car, not a real one) but I don’t want a wedgie.

  7. “I’m sorry, earlier today I got so angry I almost threw up, so I think that was it.”

    Classic quote from Henry!!!

  8. I totally want to hear the proof of purchase/box top offer episode.

    my roommate just surprised the hell out of me last week when he broke out a yo-yo ball!

    also, what the hell is wrong with Dave, talking about Star Wars and being addressed as an Earthling? Luke is human, not an Earthling, A species, not a race. what part of it being a different galaxy and that not all humanoids would be considered Earthlings is… forget it. I assume maybe Dave was a bit drinkle at this point in the episode because that was weird.
    of course then, Dave went and immediately redeemed himself with his hilarious on point punnery.

  9. Just to clarify the Mickey toys assertion…there are in fact two different Mickey Mouse Disney Infinity figures. One for the original in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and one for 3.0 in his traditional look.

  10. You were wrong about there not being a TaleSpin toyline, when I was a kid my brother and I had action figures for Baloo, Kit Cloudkicker, and the Sea Duck. The pose-ability of them wasn’t great, in part because Baloo has tiny baby legs that were just on swivel points to let him sit down when he was sitting in the Sea Duck.

  11. My son was really into Paw Patrol a few months back (he got an obscene amount of PP toys for Christmas from relatives) so that part made me laugh.

    1. I know how you feel. My son and daughter both love them. We have every vehicle, figure and all 3 TRU exclusive play sets. They love that stuff.

  12. As a regular visitor to the Target toy aisle, this episode was amazing. I’ve been collecting “blind bag” Lego minifigs for a couple years now, and they scratch my toy-buying itch without destroying my bank account. Next month, we’re getting a Disney themed set (I’m super excited for that shit), but I am having a hard time imagining a stranger amalgamation of Disney characters:

  13. I spent two hours last friday watching nothing but 90s commercials on youtube this was good to listen to

  14. About five years ago, after blowing hundreds of dollars on LEGO I decided I’d give MegaBloks a shot and got the Halo Warthog (it was on sale). The fucking blocks won’t even stay clipped together and it just falls apart if you look at it too hard.

  15. No good Mario toys? Over the past few years I’ve been buying from Target and Toys R Us some nice stuff from the World of Nintendo line of toys. Mario, Zelda, and Metroid figures, playsets, even giant deluxe Bowser, DK, and more recently a really (purposely) grotesque giant Metroid. It’s jellyfish like bell part of it being squishy translucent rubber that lets you see their weird internals. The newer series of them also have unposable versions of Mario and Link from the original NES manuals. Not all of the figures in the line are the best (the Samus was lacking a bit of detail), but over all, it’s a great line that has been around for a while now. I’ve always found them at Target and Toys R Us.

    Seriously. Some genuinely good stuff in that line of toys.

  16. Mickey and the crew are still pretty popular with the under-4s. My daughter is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now.

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