Batman: The Killing Joke Will Soon Be A Movie – Watch The Creepy Trailer


Not every major comic book film is being released in theaters this year – check out the first trailer to what many call the greatest Joker story ever…

We may have rolled our eyes at the aggressive darkness of Batman V Superman, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room in the world for darker takes on Bruce Wayne and Gotham. Some of Batman’s most famous adventures get dark enough to warrant an R-rated film, like the soon to release animated adaptation of The Killing Joke. Written by Alan Moore at the height of his popularity and drawn by Brian Bolland (who VERY rarely does non-cover comic art), the book informed Joker portayals to this day. And now many of the folks behind Batman: The Animated Series are giving it new life this summer on Blu-ray. Take a look…

You heard those voices correctly by the way – that’s Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil reprising their respective roles of Batman and Joker for this production. As the folks behind the scenes have said, to properly adapt this, it has to be R-rated and squirm-inducing to effectively telling the story of when The Joker went too far.

As time has gone on, I’ve gone from loving The Killing Joke as a teen to liking it as an adult. The art is amazing, and it’s some of Moore’s best writing, even if it treats Barbara Gordon very poorly for being such an important character, though I also blame the DC editors at the time for treating this story as in-continuity when arguably it shouldn’t have. On the plus side, Batgirl’s role has been expanded some for the film version.


I’d also say I fell out of love with Killing Joke when I saw a contingent of fans who think Joker’s brand of cruelty is cool, as well as seeing DC try to have its cake and eat it too with Mr. J – “He’s a brutal mass murderer AND a LEGO toy. Buy ’em all!” Only recently did I come to find new appreciation of the book when I heard Grant Morrison’s incredible take on its ending.

What do you think of the trailer? Ready to pre-order The Killing Joke ahead of its July release? Or has it not aged as gracefully as you’d hoped? Tell us in the comments below!


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If that trailer has you ready to see Mark Hamill reciting the words of Alan Moore over some real nice animation, you can pre-order ahead of it’s July release here and a little bit of $$$ is kicked back to LT at no extra cost to you.



Or buy the original book that started it all
If you’ve never read the 1987 original before, then let this be your chance to right that wrong. This is the deluxe edition, which is both in print and in a digital version that can be shared on you Amazon and Comixology account.



And learn about the many historic battles with Batman’s other enemy, Superman!

10 thoughts on “Batman: The Killing Joke Will Soon Be A Movie – Watch The Creepy Trailer

  1. While I am looking forward to this – gotta have my Conroy/Hamill fix – I have a couple of nitpicks:

    * The animation looks… stiff. It’s not so bad in some places, but the early scenes with Batman walking looked especially bad.

    * “Where is he?!” – in the comic, Batman really growls that line (the “where” is especially drawn out, and you can tell he is furious). In the trailer, it didn’t have the same emotion.

  2. So The Killing Joke is a great Joker story maybe the best. It is also without doubt the worst Barbara Gordon story ever. The treatment of her is disgusting and unnecessary. I honestly don’t know why anyone would want to make a faithful adaptation of this story today. Maybe I’m over reacting and they’ll make changes to it but the R-Rating suggests otherwise. Also considering the amount of excellent all-ages animated work DC has done over the years, I think putting out an R-Rated animated Batman movie is pretty stupid.

  3. as a freelance 2D animator i just want to say “man! that animation looks choppy as hell!”
    as a comic book lover/artist I don’t understand why they keep going back to this story, I think they should distance themselves from it. it’s such an angry story, so full of hate and pain. then again, so is Alan Moore.
    I’ll pass. I don’t need to be a part of Barbara living through that hell over and over again.

      1. Hardly important, shes like a Robin, and they all get disposed of eventually, its what happens.
        Im feelin some sjw-ness here, this is how the joker would treat babara, just like he beat jason to near death with a crowbar and blew him up.

        1. I might watch it because I’m interested in the new stuff they’re padding it out with but man, I really hate the Killing Joke. I hate coming off as a contrarian douche too but I’ve read it several times over the years, trying to approach it from different mind sets and I can never get it. The failed comedian origin is just terrible and the “I want it to be multiple choice” is a great line for a terrible cop-out. That frame of pre-transformed Joker where he’s clinching his fist and face has to be the ugliest thing ever drawn in a comic and that’s saying a lot considering this is still 80s era Joker.

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