Vidjagame Apocalypse 161 – Playable Princes With Disney On Ice


Mikel is out meeting the royal family this week, so we have a rare VGA fivesome featuring two special guests from Disney’s ice-skating show; Wes Green and Nathan Miller. The gang drinks in honor of Prince and discuss the best sons-of-kings you could play as before moving onto the Nintendo news bombshell and other assorted zaniness.

Question of the Week

What game franchise (besides Mario) would you most like to see alongside Zelda when the Nintendo NX launches?



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13 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 161 – Playable Princes With Disney On Ice

  1. No mention of Rain, from the Mortal Kombat series? Not only is he a reference to prince, being that he is purple and named Rain, but as his wiki entry informed me, is also a prince.

  2. Lets be honest here, people are really going to be buying the Call of Duty 4 remaster for the multiplayer. A ton of Call of Duty fans have been clamouring for a remaster of either Call of Duty 4 or Modern Warfare 2 since the past few entries of the games there has been a growing group of the CoD community that wants to go back to “boots on the ground” gameplay and to move away from the jetpack double jumping stuff. This is the same group of people that got extremely engraged at the rumours/leaks that this next game is going to be Space Warfare basically. So this remake is either a good way to appease the group of the CoD audience that doesn’t like the direction the current games are going, or it’s going to seriously splinter the community as a whole.

  3. All it takes to become royalty is to say you’re a king, or prince, and have them accept it. Then, if you keep that going a few generations, no one can deny that you deserve to be royalty, so if Aladdin got people to acknowledge that he’s a prince, he is.

    George Clinton, Bernie Worrell, and Bootsy Collins were on Colbert a week or so ago. None of them are dead, in spite of Henry telling us Bootsy is dead.

  4. QOTW: There’s so many but I’d like to see a new good Metroid game, whether it’s 2D or a new Prime entry. As long as it’s one where Samus can be a badass of few words and have the story told without extensive, talky cutscenes. I want that franchise to be alive and healthy again.

    Second choice, a new F-Zero! It’s been MIA for too long! Give us F-Zero GX with HD resolution, maybe some new tracks / racers and I’d buy it!

  5. Qotw: Personally, I’d love to see a new Golden Sun game. They straddled the jrpg line pretty well with the GBA games, and the Ds one was kinda not good. Also, honorable mention to Advance Wars, I personally own all but the very first one, but have played it many times

  6. There is this one game series that has always given Nintendo a chance to show off their consoles graphical power. SNES’s Mode 7 in it’s finest form. N64’s 3D-mechanics the way they were rarely topped and 3DS’s 3D-gimmick toned to perfection. Yes I’m talking about Pilotwings everybody and whata way it would to present NX’s hardware or gimmick than this good ol’ series.

  7. If the NX turns out to be a hybrid console/portable system, I think a new Animal Crossing game would be a great way to start off. Animal Crossing games always work best when you can pick up and play anywhere, and then you could connect to your TV to get a better view of your town. Perhaps there could be more minigames like New Leaf had, only with even larger groups of people at once.

  8. QOTW: I would love a new F Zero game. These F Zero Mario Kart stages taste like more, and I would love to see F Zero in HD with 60 fps. Who cares that you can drive in a Ferrari in a Forza game when you can also drive near the speed of sound through a loop-de-loop floating in the sky above Mute City?

  9. QOTW: This is a long shot but I would love to see a HD remake or a possibly new Luigi’s Mansion. It would about the right amount for a new entry and because I missed Dark Moon completely, and haven’t bought a Nintendo console the last two generations I would finally have to pony up for new console so I can play a game staring my favorite italian plumber.

    P.S. Fuck Mario

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