Marvel Trading Card Analysis – Super-Villains part 2


We’ve finished off the heroes and the first batch of villains, so buckle up for even MOAR baddies as we keep churning through this amazing 1990 Marvel card set.

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3 thoughts on “Marvel Trading Card Analysis – Super-Villains part 2

  1. I never collected these cards, but I did at one point have a near complete set of the 1994 set. Which is odd because I never really read many comics at all growing up but I did like collecting those dumb cards. So many clear plastics and foil embossed cards. No wonder I have issues collecting dumb stuff as an adult, ask me about my giant amiibo collection for more information on dumb plastic stuff I’ve wasted money on!

  2. Hey Hank, the third Summers brother is Vulcan, who went batshit and took over the Shi’ar in “Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire”, which was Brubaker doing interstellar Game of Thrones. Vulcan then fought (and sorta killed?) Black Bolt during War of Kings. You should really read more of Cosmic Marvel from before Bendis ruined it.
    Also, Brett? If you like Black Cat, please read the current run of Silk. Felicia is one of the main characters and it’s pretty dam good. Silk in general is an awesome book.

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