Battleborn – Let’s Do This


Dave’s played a ton of Battleborn so let’s see if he can quickly walk Chris through the baby basics and into combat super stardom in the latest from Gearbox and 2K!

And be sure to check out Stupid Things Superman Does in Video Games, as well as a ton of other stuff you’re probably not watching over on Laser Time’s YouTube channel.

One thought on “Battleborn – Let’s Do This

  1. Really hope Brett has checked out that Nioh alpha demo that’s only playable until tomorrow, because according to him half the games he likes are From Software titles and Ninja Gaiden and Nioh is probably the closest fusion of that you can get. Was honestly expecting that to be the stream today. Pretty big length for what’s labeled as an alpha demo. It’s got some difficulty curve but it’s actually really well made and dare I say fun.

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