[UPDATE] Laser Time Podcasts Now On Google Play And Stitcher


Ask and ye shall receive – Laser Time podcasts are now heading to Google Play and Sticher! [UPDATE: Now all podcasts are on there!]

Whether you enjoy our work enough to support the Laser Time Patreon or you merely enjoy our bafoonery every now and then, you likely came to know us through our podcasts. And if you did I daresay you’ve primarily listened through the iTunes podcast app, which, honestly, isn’t as great as it could be. If you’ve been looking for an alternative, I’ve got great news! As of today, our podcasts are coming to Google Play and Stitcher, and a handful have already been approved!

Google Play just added podcast functionality to its music listening app, and we heard your requests to get our shows on there. As of today, all of our podcasts are now on Play!

Laser Time on Google Play!

Talking Simpsons on Google Play!

Cape Crisis on Google Play!

ThirtyTwentyTen on Google Play!

Vidjagame Apocalypse on Google Play!

Cheap Popcast on Google Play!

Be sure to subscribe there if that’s your preferred app!

As long as we were adding podcasts to services, we also started joining Stitcher. If you use that to listen to podcasts, you’ll be happy to know almost all our shows are now on there, (Laser Time coming soon)!

Hopefully this will make it easier for y’all to listen to all our great podcasts, and for even more people to find our stuff. If you were waiting to see us on these, let us know what you think of the services and tell all your friends it’s even easier to enjoy our goofiness!

4 thoughts on “[UPDATE] Laser Time Podcasts Now On Google Play And Stitcher

  1. Hope you guys will do the same if Google play Europe ever gets podcast support, but I’m sure it will crossover. The podcasts still work great on pocket cast which is just my android alternative for the time being.

  2. This definitely helps out with listening to podcasts while working my overnight shifts at work. I look forward to streaming you guys during the midnight hours (and clearing out a good portion of my phone’s memory to save space.) Win fucking win!

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