Proof X-Men’s Apocalypse Could’ve Looked Way Cooler In The Upcoming Film

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This expert in superhero movie design pitched doing the film Apocalypse, and was turned down?!? See what could’ve been…

I’m a stupid huge comic book fan, meaning that, on top of hosting a comic book podcast, I intensely watch preview after preview of a superhero movie to judge changes to the source material. When I first saw Apocalypse in the upcoming X-Men film, I was pretty down on his Ivan Ooze-like appearance. I’ve gotten used to it, but still don’t love it, but now, thanks to a video by the cool folks at Tested, I’m now disappointed all over again by what could’ve been…

Apocalypse Face Smaller

You see, that’s a test make-up design by Jose Fernandez, the founder of Ironhead Studio. He’s made the incredible costumes for multiple major geek hits, like Civil War, Batman V Superman, Thor, and Tron: Legacy. He did some work on X-Men: Apocalypse as well, but didn’t get to design the titular villain. After being underwhelmed by this design…


So he made his own, more as a fun side thing than anything that’d actually be used in the film. Then he brought the project to Monsterpalooza to show it off with some of Ironhead’s more famous pieces. Check it out…

I’m going to reserve judgement until I see the film, but MAN does that theoretical design look better than the one in the trailers. Knowing that the piece is even fitted for the actor’s head is so frustrating – it didn’t have to ripped straight from the comics, but would it have been so bad to at least have the lines on his mouth?!? C’mon, Bryan Singer!

Anyway, the entire interview is eye-opening and worth a watch. Like myself, you may never heard of Jose Fernandez before this video, but he’s been involved in so many films you’ve seen that it’s incredibly interesting to hear his side of designing a Batman mask with a turning neck, or figuring out Loki’s giant horns for live action. And tell us what you think of that Apocalypse design – wish it was in the film? Prefer what they went with instead? Tell us in the comments! Oh, and here are some quick recommendations for Apocalypse reading ahead of the film’s May 25 release.










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2 thoughts on “Proof X-Men’s Apocalypse Could’ve Looked Way Cooler In The Upcoming Film

  1. Not sure which one I prefer at this point, but man this guy does some amazing work. His version though seems to be a bit bulkier and bit lighter in color, and it always seems to be that they want to take the bright colors out so the studio thought for their Purple Bald man threatening world destruction they wanted him a bit slimmer and darker colored. Lest the uninformed public mistake him for Thanos without a helmet.

  2. That moke up is way better than what’s in the film. But my Apocalypse will always be the one from the OG Xmen cartoon. ” I am as far beyond them as they are beyond you”-Apocalypse

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