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May the these premium, full-length Star Wars commentaries be with you.

LIVE LONG AND PROSPER! Today is neither the day George Lucas was born (May 14th) nor the day the original Star Wars film debuted (May 25th.) But its still a day fans have grasped onto with a pleasantly simple saying, and Lucasfilm has helped usher May the 4th into the officially recognized, folkloric marketing blitz known as “Star Wars Day.” Let’s ignore that practically every day on the internet celebrates Star Wars and instead remind you that in honor of this ‘O Holy Day, we’ve managed to cut full-length commentaries for the complete Star Wars cinematic saga. Feel like revisiting the films on this day of days? Or any day?! We humbly recommend you do it with your boys from Laser Time (and Diana on one of the films!)

You can watch along with us LIVE video for the OG Star Wars!

Assuming that sound good to you, we wanted to let you know that ALL SEVEN of our Star Wars Commentaries are now on Bandcamp for your listening pleasure. Each commentary costs just $1.99 (yes, even Phantom Menace. I apologize profusely for the overcharge), however, folks on our Patreon have access to all of them, and much more, for no extra charge right now. Maybe you wanna get started for as low as $5 right now?! PLEASE?!?!? I’LL SUCK Y- so before this comes of as too shameless a plug, rewatching this movie with all the Star Wars moves with you folks out there during the Monday Night Movie (now FREE for all) has made for some of the most fun times I’ve had in the last two years. Shit, it was the only thing that made the prequels bearable, but that could just be my age showing. So take a look at the imagery below. Each of thumbnail will whisk you away to the appropriate Bandcamp page and perhaps you’ll find as much fun in them as we had making them with you. And maybe poke around a bit while you’re there. We’ve got tons of other movie commentaries there to help you kill 90 minutes or so. Pee-Wee, Robocop, Street Fighter, Man of Steel. There’s a lot there and your support is appreciated. 

NOTE: We watched all of the films in NUMERIC order, Menace through Force Awakens, if that means anything to you. I’m kind of blown away we actually did all of them, since this was essentially a nine month undertaking. Oh, and if you really wanna do us a solid, maybe consider buying the Star Wars films through our Amazon links below. Costs you nada, kicks some pennies over to us. Love you guys!









3 thoughts on “Laser Time Star Wars Commentaries

  1. If you’re not a patron I totally suggest getting these commentaries . The commentaries have some great jokes, you hear the crew’s pain as hours march on, and nothing beats the feeling of watching the painful prequels with funny people like the crew.

    1. What cdg said! IMO, the only way to experience the prequels is as measure of mass group therapy. Once again, but ups to my support base for Menace and Clones.

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