Pryor, Wire and Kane, plus The Craft and Avian Flu – Apr 29-May 5


Richard Pryor becomes Jo Jo Dancer as Hardcastle & McCormick change their TV tune. In 1996 both Barb Wire and goth-em-up The Craft hit theaters. Then it’s a plus-sized Classic Corner as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Citizen Kane.

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10 thoughts on “Pryor, Wire and Kane, plus The Craft and Avian Flu – Apr 29-May 5

  1. I feel weird when it comes to Dave Matthews Band because I don’t like any of their singles at all, so I can understand how people would think they suck if that’s what you’re familiar with…but they put on an amazing live show and I really love a lot of their songs like Rhyme & Reason. Carter Beauford is still one of my favourite drummers of all time.

    1. Ha! I’m surprised to see I wasn’t the only person inspired to comment on the Dave Matthews Band hate. I have to agree that I don’t love most their singles either, but the fact that Dave Matthews has a weirdly unique voice and that he named the band after himself shouldn’t discount the fact that everyone in that band is a really skilled musician. Especially Carter Beauford. Plus I’m biased because they are the first band I saw live… I think I know what my next shame song entry will be.

  2. Moments after joking about Henry not remembering people’s names, Henry confused Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens’ misfortunes. Clemens was hypnotized into thinking he was a chicken! To be fair, it wasn’t the hypnotist’s fault. He did a good job.

  3. Next week we enter the 20th anniversary of… my birth! May 11 to be specific in case you guys do any listener shout outs.

  4. I’m kinda surprised more people aren’t familiar with Hardcastle & McCormick. Growing up, our family watched it just as much as Knight Rider. I used to watch reruns a bunch when they aired late at night during the 90s. It follows a lot of the same tropes of shows like Knight Rider, Magnum PI, Remington Steele, etc.

    There were an awful lot of private investigator shows in the 80s, come to think of it.

  5. When Brett said the movie Hoot, I just went “oh no…” this is where the most boring and awful time of movies started.

  6. Pants off dance off was great, many a teen seed dropped.
    Channel also introduced me to whitest kids u know.

  7. LOL scorned Dave Matthews fans….
    There sure are a lot of people at those concerts; the venn diagram of Laser Time and DMB fandom apparently intersects for like two people. Dave’s oily tentacles reach far and wide!

    Hike up your skirts a little more!!!!

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