Laser Time – Civil War Reactions vs Superhero Voice Quiz


Fresh from a viewing of this year’s biggest superhero movie, we’re taking your questions about Marvel Civil War! After that, we’re pitted against each other in a superhero voice quiz!


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13 thoughts on “Laser Time – Civil War Reactions vs Superhero Voice Quiz

  1. OH MY GOD I LOVE THE BONUS TIME EXCERPT even if it is unintentional 😉 I thought that the Lasertime staff had Jamie Madrox’sed itself.

    Also glad you guys like the Super Deluxe so much, I work with those guys in downtown L.A. and had a chance to name drop the podcast to their head of content!

  2. Oh, fudgepuffins. I’ll have to stave this one off until I see Civil War for the next Saturday. Oh well, been awhile since I had a legitimate Laser Time backlog. The guys look much happier in the video still for this one than Bull v Shit.

  3. Great movie but hopefully the Russo Brothers can afford a better camera man who can prevent the insane amount of shaking the camera does in this movie.


    Outside of that complaint loved the movie and enjoyed the Lasertime recap/reaction

  4. Loved loved loved Civil War. It’s easy the most awestruck I’ve been by a superhero movie since The Avengers. Going for my second viewing tomorrow, before I can fully decide where it rests on my MCU list (though it’s gotta be in the Top 3, easily).

  5. Listening to this as I type. I can’t stop smiling. They are so damn happy. My personal favorite part was Tony’s comment about his mother during the last fight. I got goosebumps when he said it.

    Stay strong and ignore the haters Chris. The haters are always going to be louder and harder to ignore than the people loving what you guys do.

  6. I think I have this movie as much as you guys hate Batman v. Superman. It’s fine as a dumb action movie, but it’s the thirteenth movie in, and it’s the one that finally cements the fact there are no stakes and consequences in the MCU. It completely killed any excitement I had for any of the future movies. I may be back to the table if they finally get around to doing a Captain Marvel movie, but for now, I’m done.

    1. This reads like the sourest of grapes. These guys trashed the movie I like I’ll trash the movie they like. That’ll show them! There were stakes-a-plenty in Civil War, none in BvS. Superman WILL come back. Stakes over.

  7. Movies like this really make me want DC to produce better Superhero movies, the DC shows are fantastic besides Gotham. If I was the head of Warner I’d fire Zach Snyder and gather the actors from the DC TV shows and have them team up and introduce Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman from there because they’re already iconic characters who dont really another origin story and it still rewards the fans who followed the shows.

  8. Absolutely loved the movie, couldn’t have asked for more. Falcon and Bucky stole the show whenever they had a scene, Spider-Man is everything that Sony failed to make him with the “Amazing” movies, some of the best fight scenes I have ever witnessed, and an unbridled sense of enthusiasm and fun.

    And holy shit that superhero voice quiz. Tara, Nolan, and Troy are SO MANY CHARACTERS. Nolan North actually does a great job interacting with himself as Superman/Superboy on Young Justice.

  9. I loved Civil War! Winter Soldier is the better film but Civil War is the one I will go back and watch again and again. Also Chris please keep doing the Kingdom Hearts videos. I posted about it on bonus time before I had listened to this episode. It is so much fun to see you bumble through the game, please don’t stop.

  10. I know this comment is way late, but I really enjoyed the superhero voice quiz on this Hank and as always the instant analysis of all involved.
    I also found myself siding with Tony a lot more than I thought I would going into the movie. In the MCU, superheroes probably should have some form of oversight (absolute power corrupting absolutely and what not). Though Cap’s superpower other than his strength/endurance is his super incorruptibility and leadership. The unchecked group of superheroes work because they are led by someone who can’t be swayed from doing what is right and is the prototypical leader. Anyone else in that position left unchecked wouldn’t work. And one day, if Cap can no longer lead them, their morality and purpose will lose its anchor. Maybe he should have the foresight to see that….(or not it is just a movie, but still interesting in a philosophical argument).

    It all makes me think of the debate between benevolent dictatorship vs. democracy. A benevolent dictator will get more accomplished then a democracy. They have the ability to immediately take action without bureaucracy and their action is ruled by what is best for the people. Democracy on the other hand consistently slogs in the slow churn of spools of red tape. But, the reign of the benevolent dictator will not last forever and once it passes the next ruler may just as easily tear all progress down. And in the grand scheme of history their have been far more evil people in power than benevolent dictators.

    Anyway, I never post, so I thought why not make this one obscenely long and weeks after the podcast….

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