SNL Viewers Club: Brie Larson with Alicia Keys

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It’s Brie Larson’s first time hosting the seminal sketch show. So how did she do…?

You’ve probably seen Brie in Scott Pilgrim or 21 Jump Street, but she took the stage in celebration of her Best Actress win for Room — strangely appropriate for Mother’s Day. On musical duty was Alicia Keys, who really needs no introduction. So I won’t do one. Let’s get on with it!

Church Lady Cold Open

Well hey there, Dana Carvey! We really don’t need an excuse to get him back into Studio 8H, but I guess maybe he was there because he’s in that (stupid-looking) upcoming movie Secret Life of Pets? In any case, it was a great way to spice up the rote political openers. Seeing Church Lady play off of Darrell Hammond’s Donald Trump was great, and although Taran Killam’s Ted Cruz is still very underwhelming, his return as “Satan” was a great twist.


The Mother’s Day monologue is never particularly funny — on purpose — but it’s always endearing to see some of the cast’s actual moms up on stage. This one won’t really factor into this week’s score.

New Barbie

This is honestly some of the sharpest satire I’ve seen from SNL in a long time. Cecily Strong’s narrator was great both in selling the product and being snarky toward the girls — who shone in their roles too. They really laid into ol’ Hillary here, eh?

Near-Death Experience

We’ve seen this sketch before (it was about UFO abductions then), but Kate McKinnon’s creatively foul-mouthed character still had plenty of great lines this time around. The cast didn’t crack up as much this time around, but that didn’t make the sketch any less grossly funny.

Baby Shower

“There are only seven bags in this entire county.” This sketch took a fantastic turn pretty quickly, and the cult of same-haircut moms were hilarious. Their thoughts on home decor are all too real, man.

Weekend Update

Colin Jost and Michael Che had some good lines this week (mostly toward the tail end of the segment), and the Trump stuff at the beginning was funny enough. Vanessa Bayer’s Laura Parsons returned to the desk, but didn’t bring anything new. It was nice to see Sasheer Zamata’s take on the White House Correspondents’ Dinner too, although I didn’t find it terribly funny — and we all knew how it would end. But I definitely want to hear her take on some other issues in the future. Closing out Update was Pete Davidson with one of his usual bits. He’s done better ones in the past, but the second cameo from his mom was well done. Overall, however, it was a middling Weekend Update.

Game of Thrones: Jon Snow

Not as weird as post-Update sketches can be, but not too clever either. Kenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon were definitely the highlights here.

Quiz Whiz 2018

Hey, remember when the previous sketch was all about something taking forever? Well, here’s a sketch with only one joke that takes even longer. The twist of Brie playing Cruz’s wife was barely even worth it.


Pros: there are too many terrible bands exactly like this, and the Kickstarter pitch was perfectly awful. Cons: Yeah, we still use Kickstarter, but it’s way too late to skewer it.

Hologram Album

As 10-to-1s go, this was definitely a weirdo. Any joke about the holograms themselves was great, but the impressions were pretty poor. Good for a few giggles at least.

Grade: C+

This episode definitely started to dip during Weekend Update, and it never quite came back up. I don’t blame it on Brie, though; she’s proven herself to be a great actress. We’ll see what happens next week when Drake pulls double duty hosting and performing some tracks from Views.

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  1. I would buy a Hologram Album, if only it had the greatest hits of the 90s like “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” or “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay”.

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