Is Spider-Man: Web Of Fire Is The Worst Spidey Game?


We just saw the perfect Spider-Man in Civil War, so we’re playing one of his most imperfect games, Web of Fire. Check out Sega’s final 32X title live today at 3PM Pacific (6PM Eastern), or watch the archive later!

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3 thoughts on “Is Spider-Man: Web Of Fire Is The Worst Spidey Game?

  1. Was the music really that bad or was the emulation off? I can’t imagine this making it through QA. The music in that first stage is so repulsive I can’t imagine they were like “yeah this is decent”. I played a lot of Spider-man vs the Kingpin on Sega CD and I loved that music.

  2. All those sound effects are just ripped from the genesis Jurassic Park game. Died enough times to recognize the Grant scream anywhere. That game sucks too.

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