A Spider-Man Comixology/Kindle Sale For New And Old Spidey Fans


In love with Spider-Man all over again after Civil War? Good thing some of his best comics are now super cheap digitally!

After watching Civil War, I feel like I’ve fallen love with my favorite comic book spandex-wearer all over again. I gushed about Spider-Man all over our Civil War review, I wrote about 2000 words on 7 ways Civil War had the PERFECT Spider-Man, and I spent a good chunk of my Saturday to be in the audience of his co-creator, Stan Lee (as discussed on this week’s Cape Crisis)! Now it seems like Comixology and Kindle are in the Spidey mood too, as some of Peter’s best comic books are super cheap at the moment!

Now, you could buy these books on Comixology, but if you’ve done the simple task of connecting your Comixology and Kindle/Amazon accounts, you can buy these cheap Spider-comics AND support Laser Time! (Details on how to connect your accounts). Now, here are some of the highlights of the books on sale until May 25!

All these books are currently $4.99!

Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 1 (Marvel Masterworks)
This is where it all began waaaaaaaay back in 1962. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko put together the idea of a weird, anxiety-ridden superhero who can’t balance high school, super powers, and guilt, all in one unforgettable red and blue costume. This is essential reading for basically any comic fan, collecting not only Peter’s first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15, but also the first 10 issues of Amazing Spider-Man. You’ll see his first fights with Doc Ock, Vulture, Sandman, Doctor Doom, and more. Sure, they might seem a bit hokey today, but Ditko and Lee’s stories still have a unique feel to this day.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1.1: Learning To Crawl
Think of this as a clever companion piece to Masterworks. This is a prequel that fills in the blanks from those first Spider-Man comics. It adds in some new villains, explains away some mixed up continuity, and even finds clever ways to subtly update those original Spider-Man adventures. Dan Slott is basically the lord of current Spider-books, and he shows how much he values Peter’s history in Learning To Crawl.


Spider-Man Vol. 1: Brand New Day
Just about every Spider-Man would agree that Peter’s magical divorce from Mary Jane was one of the worst modern Spider-stories ever. And yet, I really don’t give a shit because it led to a true Brand New Day where Spider-Man’s life was more refreshed than it had been since, well, his marriage 20 years earlier. New enemies, new characters, new drama – the whole Brand New Day era of Spidey is one of his best, making the journey there ultimately meaningless. And this is the fantastic first six issues for only $5.

Spider-Man: The Gauntlet Vol. 1: Electro and Sandman
After avoiding the classic Spider-Man rogues gallery for months and months in Brand New Day, they all returned with a vengeance in The Gauntlet story. Spider-Man is tested like never before when all the old Sinister Six members reign havoc on New York City, and Peter is barely keeping his head above water. This first volume has clever new takes on established baddies like Sandman and Electro, and it’s just the beginning of an epic tale.

Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 1: My Own Worst Enemy
You may have read somewhere that recently Spider-Man died and had his body stolen by the mind of Doctor Octopus. It sounds wild, and it’s even more fun when you actually read it. You’re on the edge of your seat wondering how responsible or not Doc Ock will be as the new Spidey, and if Peter can ever make his way back into the driver’s seat. It’s such a great chapter in Spider-Man’s mythos and it all begins here!

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1: The Parker Luck
After all the darkness and tension in Superior, when Peter finally got his body back, it was time for things to be fun again, and fun they were in Parker Luck. Things got silly, the sun was shining, and Spider-Man even wears a pair of web-underpants. It’s a cute throwback with fantastic art by Humberto Ramos.


Spider-Gwen Vol. 0 : Most Wanted?
If you’ve been to a comic convention in the last couple years or just looked at a list of the top-selling comics, you’d see that one new character is crazy hot right now – Spider-Gwen. An alternate universe Spider-Woman who was bit by a radioactive spider while Peter Parker looked on, Gwen’s awesome costume and badass style makes her a rising star with Marvel. This right here, along with Amazing Spider-Man: Edge of Spider-Verse collects Spider-Gwen’s first ever appearances, all for under $5 apiece.

So there you go, super cheap digital copies of Spider-Man’s best stuff, and a way to help out Laser Time at no extra cost. Pretty sweet deal, huh? Also, if you’re looking for more Spider-Man stuff, check out our videos of his worst video game, along with our analysis of all the 1990 Marvel trading cards!

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  1. This is a pretty great selection for the sale, but unfortunately I own all but a couple of them and didn’t really have the interest to get those ones. That being said, if anyone doesn’t have some of these, this sale has some hella good Spidey tales.

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