Is Assassin’s Creed the Most Accurate Video Game Movie Ever Made?!

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Even though it’s probably too soon to say, it looks like Assassin’s Creed could be the least embarrassing video game movie of all-time!

I’m sure we have the Marvel movies to thank for this, but I’m not sure I’ve seen a video game movie embrace its source material to the extent of the Assassin’s Creed movie. At least judging by this reveal trailer (duh):

I’ve fallen out a bit with the game series as its grown increasingly annualized, but Assassin’s Creed was undoubtedly one of my favorite series launched on the last generation of consoles, if not my favoritest. Of course I want the best for it! And give our take how ever the hell that last idiotic Hitman movie turned out, damn near ever movie adapted from a video game has fallen somewhere between “slap in the face” and “piss in your mouth.” Sorry if I’m too optimistic for the negative-by-default gamer crowd, but this new AC trailer is a breath of fresh fucking air for me.


Yeah, it takes place during the Spanish Inquisition, but Jebus, the Animus and Abstergo logo? That’s the kinda stuff that, while super important to the series, I would’ve just assumed Hollywood would leave on the cutting room floor. I’ve always argued that the Animus, a machine that allows a subject to relive a past lives via ancestral DNA, was the perfect conceit for a game. However, the possibilities for a film series are almost the same too: You’re free to go to anywhere, in any time, with the same people. Dope!


The only thing I’m worried about is that high probability of a PG-13 rating. The trailer gives us an ample glimpse of AC’s special instruments of palm-to-throat stabbery, so let’s wait and see if Fox/Ubisoft have the balls to depict that to moviegoers across the nation. To toss it back to Marvel once again, Deadpool should be looked at as the Jackie Robinson of the viability of R-Rated authenticity, so let’s hope Fassbender doesn’t have to keep his hidden blades too hidden. Either way, the building-scalin’, roof-jumpin’ I love the series even more for looks to be well represented so I wanna see more. What say you?!


19 thoughts on “Is Assassin’s Creed the Most Accurate Video Game Movie Ever Made?!

  1. It looks great, and Fassbenders one of my fav actors right now……
    But that music was fucking awful and ruins all of it.

      1. agreed, that music is better, but stiiiiill not perfect. I feel like it’s too melodic across the entire preview, their should have been a strong emotional swelling of strings like right around the scene where all the soldiers are colliding or at the scene where the assassins are on the cliff. ah well.

          1. yah i was agreeing with you, that it was better. I just thought if the music had swelled at a specific point it would’ve really kicked the official music versions butt.

          2. The bad thing is they didnt even use a good Kanye song, they couldve just went with the generic trailer song “Power” and that wouldve been fine.

  2. I think theyve taken some liberties and actually adapted it as opposed to generic-fying it like Prince of Persia which is what you should do.
    I dont see how an R rating would help, Ass Creed isnt really that graphic with its kills or language and I dont think theres really any nudity and I think the games are biggest with teens, seems right to be pg13.

    1. I see what you’re saying, but he’s either an Assassin or he isn’t. I’m sure the movie can get away with a low body count, but those close kills can (should) look pretty graphic with real people.

      1. I think he can assassinate people just fine without it being graphic, my memories are of AssCreed 2 but most of my kills were just a poke to the spine.
        I think the worst would be slicing a throat and you can probably do that in pg 13 i believe.
        Then theres the swashbuckling swordfights theyll probably do.
        I just dont remember Assassins being gore-y to the point of an R rating.
        Prove me wrong Chris.

  3. okay 1. WHEN THE FUCK WAS THIS MOVIE A THING?! i had no idea they were making an AssCreed movie!
    and 2. it really doesn’t look that embarrassing. it actually looks pretty okay. I mean there are some very typical action hero movie visual cliche’s that I saw in there but over all period piece movie yay!
    it looks like it’s going to be just a movie. I personally feel like it’s too many years too late, the hunger and swelling of fan love for the franchise was around the Brotherhood era before the whole forerunner/forebearer/precursor/elder species/ancient alien thing got really REALLY over done.
    we’ll see how it’s received, but first impression it doesn’t look bad.

  4. That Kanye song should be a registered warcrime, good lord that was awful. But this movie trailer was straight fire excusing that. I figured it was only a matter of time before the Game Movie became the new Comic Movie sensation. Hollywood needs new veins of nostalgia to tap, and this is only the beginning if Warcraft and this pan out.

    Maybe I can finally get my god damn fucking Halo movie?

  5. Something has to get crushed by Rogue One….

    But seriously, I am excited for this if we can swap out the music for something more era/and game appropriate as I have always felt these games have some of the best music.

  6. I definitely see potential, but I think whether it’s good or not really comes down to how well they adapt the plot and make it interesting, and how well the actors sell the material. Actor wise they certainly have a good cast, so we’ll just have to see what happens. And like everyone else, that fucking song, no thanks.

    Wonder if they’ll address any of the video gamey concepts like “Ezio didn’t kill civilians. Desyncing” or invisible memory walls. Too goofy and it’ll make the movie a joke, too serious and it could end up bland and boring.

  7. Well, besides that horrible music, the trailer was ok, interesting, and being Fassbender I’ll be willing to give this movie a shot and go see it, oh wait, coming out against Rogue One, well.. I’ll see it eventually…

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