Marvel Trading Card Analysis – Rookies


With heroes and villains all wrapped up, it’s time to take a peek at some of 1990’s hottest new characters!

Er, uh, well, Ghost Rider stuck around and Deathlok is the SHIELD show… but who are those Guardians of the Galaxy??

We’ve got plenty more of these on our YouTube channel. Either check ’em out on our YouTube page or catch up via the playlist embedded below.

2 thoughts on “Marvel Trading Card Analysis – Rookies

  1. 1. these are the Guardians of the Galaxy I remember. I felt like they were Marvel’s version of the Legion of Superheros.
    2. do you think the mutants deal at Fox is the reason why the New Warriors weren’t the catalyst for Civil War in the movies?
    3. Penance. guh! just the worst!
    4. who the fudge is the Foolkiller?! is he dead?!
    I’m excited for the VS video, you guys better not disappoint on the super in-depth details.

  2. Ooh, I was looking forward to the LT team getting to Foolkiller!
    The 10 issue 1990 Foolkiller series is super underrated and well worth checking out. Written by Steve Gerber (who created the original incarnation of the character in his run on Man-Thing, where he also created Howard The Duck), the mini-series follows Kurt Gerhardt; a man who takes up the mantle of Foolkiller after he loses his job at the bank and his life falls apart. While there is a lot of super interesting things this comic does (it’s treatment of the main character’s mental illness is remarkable, for example) probably the most forward thinking moments of the comic come from it’s final arc.
    After spending most of the comic killing drug dealers, low level crooks and other “fools”, Gerhardt comes to the realisation that the real problem lies with the 1% and turns his blaster pistol of Wall St bros, conservative talk-show hosts and, finally, an entrepreneur called Darren Waite (obviously based on a 1990 Donald Trump).
    Honestly, this comic was so far ahead of its time. Aside from some unfortunate racial stuff you could release it today and it would still be just as culturally relevant now as it was in 1990.
    Unfortunately, the run has never been collected, but the singles are pretty easy to come across for next to nothing. Otherwise scans are readily available in the seedier edges of the internet.
    Foolkiller isn’t as lame as he would first appear! Give him a chance, I think you’ll be into it.

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