Tarzan’s Jungle – Kingdom Hearts: Part Seven


After a brief break (brought upon by an inept battle with a Wonderland boss), Brett and Chris return to the series custom made for their current age and demographic!

Tarzan, anyone?! Kingdom Farts returns and we’re headed into the most contemporary Disney tale touched upon in Squaresoft’s first Kingdom Hearts game. This edition is sure to be a nostalgia stroke for millennials the world over, but to anybody either older or younger than that: Did you know Disney made a Tarzan movie?!

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3 thoughts on “Tarzan’s Jungle – Kingdom Hearts: Part Seven

  1. Thanks for doing this Chris. I started playing through the game for the first time and got stuck on the stupid chameleon. I realized i was going to have to start grinding levels and lost interest. Now i can just watch y’all do it instead!

  2. Glad that the very entertaining splice together of all those deaths at that wonderland boss weren’t the end of this stream, I am entertained as a person who owns the remakes but will probably never play them. Those Clayton faces throughout this video are terrifying, that man has like a snake jaw or something. Keep up the good work guys!

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