Cape Crisis #189 – Archangel Has Arrived


Hank, Chris, and Dave discuss the most angelic X-Man, some good news for DC films, plus the debut a brand new segment…


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Cape Crisis #189 Question: If you could only subscribe to 3 comic book series, what would you pick?

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10 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #189 – Archangel Has Arrived

  1. I am beyond overjoyed that Geoff Johns is getting directly involved with the DC films and wants them to be more hopeful and optimistic. Obviously he’s done some excellent work in the comics, and has production and screen experience. Excellent choice, here’s hoping there’s time to salvage Justice League.

    1. Also I know it’s not exactly your generation’s Kid’s WB but Hank HOW could you not mention Phil LaMarr as Static Shock! It’s a part of the DC animated universe even tying in to JLU! He’s voices the named star of the show!

  2. QotW:

    IDW Ghostbusters – I’ve been a fan since I was 6 and this is the first spinoff media that successfully matches the spirit and tone of the films. The characters are all written spot on, which is particularly impressive since half of what Venkman said in the movies was Bill Murray ad libs.

    Archie reboot and Jughead reboot – You guys already know why these are great and I could pick just one.

  3. I liked the superhero voice quiz, but I feel like doing that as a permanent segment every week might ware out how fun it is. I think it should be a once a month thing so that you don’t run out of celebrity voices with a lot of appearances in super hero films. actually that might not be a problem since it feel like there are like five voice actors in hollywood

  4. ASK HANK: What is your most hated comic character of all time? I’m talking X-Pac Heat here in wrestling parlance. And it has to be a character of some renown, not some doofy one-off gag like Arm-Fall-Off-Boy.

  5. ASK HANK: Is Iron Fist or Captain America the better fighter? I know Cap is essentially Marvel’s Batman in terms of fighting ability, so does that mean he’d beat ol’ Danny in a one-on-one fisticuffs match? With shield, without shield, etc I MUST KNOW!

  6. ASK HANK: What is the best series you’ve never read?

    (Might be a good QoTW – I thought of it while pondering getting Comixology Unlimited and looking at Atomic Robo. I’ve read and enjoyed ever FCBD Atomic Robo out there but never actually bought an issue even though I know I like it)

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