Cheap Popcast LIVE returns today at 3PM PST On Twitch!


After an impressive debut match last week, we’ve got another Cheap Popcast LIVE in store for you. Join us on Twitch at 3PM PST and talk WWE, NXT, and Lucha Underground with your Laser Time pals!

If you didn’t see or hear about Cheap Popcast Live (on Laser Time’s YouTube page or in the latest audio episode of Cheap Popcast), you may not know that we’ve changed the way we discuss this week in wrestling. In particular, we’ve started a LIVE segment that forever lives on in YouTube (with WWE 2K16 simulations playing in the background) but can still be heard on the audio show should you prefer it that way. But if you want to comment along with fellow wrestling fans and maybe have your question answered by the Cheap Popcast crew, joining us LIVE on Laser Time’s Twitch at 3PM PST is your best bet! As a matter of fact, we’ve embedded our upcoming stream below!

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