Cheap Popcast #82 – Miz History, Nakamura Tag, & Extreme Matches


On this week’s Cheap Popcast, we take a look at The Miz’s career path to Extreme Rules, discuss Nakamura’s tag match and Lucha Underground’s Gift of the Gods LIVE with our listeners, and look ahead to this weekend’s show with our favorite hardcore matches.


CROWD QUESTION: What’s your all-time favorite extreme/hardcore match? Ladder matches (including TLC and Money in the Bank) do not count.

You can now interact with the Cheap Popcast crew via our live stream on Twitch! It’s also archived on Laser Time’s YouTube page. Watch it below!

6 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #82 – Miz History, Nakamura Tag, & Extreme Matches

  1. QOTW: Cactus Jack versus Triple H at royal rumble 2000, Mick Foley has had many great hardcore matches, but this one stands head and shoulders above the rest, super violent, great pacing, memorable spots, Mick Foley does a great job of really making you want to see him win. and Triple H does a great job of just being a despicable bastard, nothing I’ve seen since has ever topped it

  2. QOTw: For me it was Edge Vs. Mick Foley at Wrestlemania 22. Such a brutal match. I liked the ending with the flaming table and I still cringe to this day when Edge lands on the thumbtacks. Foley having Barbed Wire wrapped around his chest was awesome and proves how much of a hardcore motherfucking badass he truly is.

  3. QOTW Tough one, Cactus HHH was one i remember watching live and remember fondly, but im gonna have to go with Grave Consequences 1 – Mil Muertes VS Fenix, from Lucha Underground. Jesus Fucking Christ. Sheer brutality. Pretty much all of Luchas big ‘Extreme’ matches have been on a level (Cero Miedo, No Mas, Graver Consequences)

  4. QOTW
    For me it would easily be Shane McMahon vs Kurt Angle from King of the Ring 2001 if only for the spots involving the glass on the set no breaking with Kurt trying to toss Shane through them. The sound of Shane’s head hitting the ground is sickening and to this day gives me shudders. Shane is not a trained wrestler but some of the stuff he put himself through in that match was insane. Kurt is no slouch either & provided the perfect partner for Shane in the match and has to be commended for helping Shane put on the best match of his life and one that will always be in my top 10 matches of all time.

  5. QOTW: Combat Toyoda vs. Megumi Kudo. It was a electrified barbed-wire landmine deathmatch and also Toyoda’s retirement match, which kind of told you ahead of time that she’d be the one who died but that’s my only nitpick in otherwise stellar match that’s easier to watch than describe.

    And yes, the x is silent, btw.

  6. QOTW: Mistuhiro Matsunaga vs Kendo Nagasaki Piranha fish tank death match. This is the one of the most horrible matches I’ve ever seen. It’s 20 minutes of old Japanese men trying to put each other into a water tank filled with Piranhas. When Matsunga is finally trapped in the tank and pulled out a minute later covered in bloody Piranha bites it’s genuinely horrifying. A 5 star classic!

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