Are These TMNT Arcade Figures The Best Ninja Turtles Toys Ever?

TMNT Arcade Toys NECA

Just as the new film approaches, there’s finally some new Turtles action figures for children of the 1980s…

If there’s one driving philosophy at Laser Time, it’s that the things from our childhood are worth celebrating. And the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles craze of the late ’80s and early 90s left quite an impression on our young minds, particularly Konami’s arcade beat ’em up and its NES port. Toy kingpin NECA is now celebrating that retro brawler in the greatest way possible: with authentic toy recreations of the TMNT arcade characters!

NECA is known for some of the best toy quality around, but they really outdid themselves with this one. Just look at the pixelated shadows on Leo, Ralph, Don, and Mikey! Shredder and his Foot Clan also look gorgeous in that pitch-perfect trailer, looking like they busted right out of the arcade screen instead of just squashing their faces on it (bogus). Even the accessories look spot-on

And just look at the box for all four turtles!

TMNT Arcade Toys NECA Open Box TMNT Arcade Toys NECA The Box

So, for something this great, there has to be a catch, right? Yup, as NECA explains on their site, all eight of these amazing figures will be soldĀ exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con in July. Now, SDCC exclusives are nothing new, but this is still a very un-radical moment – though the silver lining is that many of NECA’s previously awesome exclusive retro figures eventually do get a wide release.

In case you don’t know, NECA specializes in geeky toys of just about every part of pop culture, and many of my favorites are when they repaint film and TV icons of the ’80s to resemble their 8-bit versions. Take a look at some of their best video game appearance toys (currently available on Amazon)…

Officer Murphy has had many great toys, and while this may not be the BEST EVER Robocop figure, I love his purple NES color scheme, as well as box art that brings to mind not just Nintendo cover art, but finding a beaten up VHS cover in your local rental place.

Michael Keaton’s Batman
Tim Burton’s Batman definitely shows its age when compared to modern superhero movies, and surprisingly the Sunsoft Batman games have aged way better. So, if you’re goiing to buy a Keaton-like Batman figure, why not one that matches his 8-bit purple visage?

Friday The 13th’s Jason
The game may be an absolute pile of crap, but damn if it isn’t one of my generation’s lasting memories of Jason’s killer reputation. This simplified coloring on Jason doesn’t make him any less scary than he was in that truly terrible NES title.


Rambo From First Blood Part II
Stallone showed the people of the 1980s that we didn’t just need to fight Vietnam all over again, but also that we could head back to Nam and WIN (if only in a ridiculously fictional way). This Reagan Era strongman obviously got a series of video games to boot, and NECA gave him a recoloring to reflect that history. Sly has never looked better in red pants.


That’s only the beginning of the NECA Video Game appearance line, with Freddy Kruger, Godzilla, Predator, Aliens and Gremlins getting a custom paint job. Argh! Why couldn’t these figures exist when I was a lad?

So, do you think these are the best TMNT figures ever, or are you not overwhelmed by the nostalgia at play here? Also, are you going to try and head to SDCC to grab these, or are you holding out hope NECA will sell these again at a later date? Tell us in the comments, and while you’re here, why not give a listen to an all-time classic Laser Time podcast on the subject of TMNT toys of old.

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  1. After seeing this who else wants NECA to do Simpsons Arcade figures? could be the only way I could get black smithers.

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