Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Finale Review

Agents of Shield, Absolution, Ascension, Secret Warriors, Marvel, MCU, episode, show, season 3, review, Laser Time

Season 3 has wrapped up with a two-parter, “Absolution” and “Ascension.” Hopefully you’ve seen them by now, because we’re gonna talk about everything.

The show had one hell of a time playing with our expectations, and man did they make this episode stressful – in a good way! They gleefully played hot potato with not only that SHIELD jacket, but also the cross necklace. And those damn showrunners purposely had Fitz & Simmons plan a spontaneous vacation just before he picked up the omen of death, just to mess with us. Evil. Toying with our expectations really worked out in the show’s favor, though: it wasn’t until the very end that you were sure who was going to die. It was both fun and stressful, and kept me on the edge of my seat through the whole ride.

My bet was originally on May dying. I was wrong, and it was Lincoln who gave his life to save everyone. It’s here that the show gave one of its most beautiful moments, and certainly one of my favorites. After Lincoln got his heart-wrenching Captain America-esque goodbye, he was left with Hive in his final moments. But there was no big final fight. They both knew what was about to happen, and in their final moments, they experienced something not even Hive had encountered: death. It was a touching and powerful scene, seeing these two enemies put everything aside and calmly float together in the Quinjet in their final moments, reminiscing above Earth. It was a perfect goodbye to not just Lincoln and Hive, but also to Brett Dalton, whom we’ve known for three seasons.

Agents of Shield, Absolution, Ascension, Secret Warriors, Marvel, MCU, episode, show, season 3, review, Laser Time

Ya done good, Link.

Yes, Brett Dalton’s run on the show has finally come to an end. He brought his A-game to every scene, and played two fantastic villains. I’ll miss him, and I’m thoroughly interested in what the show will do to fill the void he’s leaving. Thankfully, he didn’t leave without giving us another standout performance when Hive was zapped, sending all of his former personas out of whack. Fittingly, we were given one final glimpse of Grant Ward as he struggled to pull himself back together.

This was Daisy’s first week back, and she was taking it hard. There was some serious guilt there, maybe even too much at times. That being said, I would feel pretty damn guilty if I not only realized that I had betrayed my friends several times over, but also still actually wanted Hive’s connection. And another great moment this finale gave us: the hug Mack gave Daisy. I’ve loved their partnership throughout this season, and that moment really landed. She wasn’t happy for long, though, as she busted out of her cell to beg Hive for a re-connection. The following fight scene between them felt like the culmination of everything those characters have been through over the years.

The rest of the finale was sprinkled with a bunch of nice little moments as well: Mack getting a proper shotgun axe, Yo-Yo showing up Mack in the hallway, Hive’s true face, and that fantastic group fight scene and money shot. That’s just off the top of my head!

Agents of Shield, Absolution, Ascension, Secret Warriors, Marvel, MCU, episode, show, season 3, review, Laser Time

At last.

This finale delivered on everything from character moments, to great actions pieces, to plenty of tension. They learned from their mid-season fumble and really went for that finale sprint. And that flash forward proves that things are going to be very different when we come back. Daisy (aka Quake) is now a vigilante, Coulson is no longer the Director, LMDs are now in play, and Fitz is working with Doctor Radcliffe (someone I’m very happy is getting an expanded role). Even with the faults that Season 3 had, the show is still going strong. With Hydra out of the picture (for now) and the Inhumans on the back burner, I couldn’t be more excited to see what next season brings.

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