Cheap Popcast #83 – Cody Kayfabe History, Extreme Rules fallout, Money in the Bank leadup, and Smackdown Changes


In this week’s HUGE Cheap Popcast, we cover the history of the recently departed Cody Rhodes, chat up Extreme Rules and Money in the Bank qualifiers, Lucha Underground’s title matches, and the future of Smackdown and how it may relate to NXT…


CROWD QUESTION: What one thing, be it a title, a wrestler, a personality, or even a concept would you make exclusive to Smackdown as a second brand?

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10 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #83 – Cody Kayfabe History, Extreme Rules fallout, Money in the Bank leadup, and Smackdown Changes

  1. QOTW: Dean Ambrose, Dean is one of the most over full time wrestlers in the company, just listen to the crowd reactions he gets no matter how silly his feuds or character gets. He is also never going to be the face of WWE, but if you instead gave him the main event spot on Smackdown, he would get out from being under Roman’s shadow, he’s already super over so you wouldn’t need to build him up much, and it would give Smackdown a markedly different feel from Raw.

  2. QOTW: Perhaps they could bring back the light heavyweight title and build it up with all the new talent they are bringing in from the Indy’s and NXT. If they did it right, maybe it could be a prominent secondary title to the World Title just like it is in NJPW.

  3. Practically, I hope the Women’s Division is transferred to one show fully. With a full roster of twelve women, three of who always seem injured, there are too few women to split up. So here is hoping they are kept together, and that if NXT is being folded into the parent brand, its writers and bookers are mostly funneled into the same show, as they were important to show off the talent of Natalya, Paige, and the Four Horsewomen, all of whom have suffered to varying degrees on the main roster.

    To be more fanciful, it might be neat if Smackdown was considered the show for the Young Lions of WWE. With up and coming talent and fallen veterans vying for a series of titles that let them charge onto Raw, that thin veneer of real competition could generate a lot of stories (and neatly fit with the kayfabe perspective of a GM Daniel Bryan, if the rumors are true) as superstars compete for that chance to move up.

    Heck, that chance could actually be baked into the titles, where you have three belts, each corresponding to one of the main belts, and whomever holds, say, the Television Title can either keep it for some kayfabe benefit like a raise; trade it in to challenge for the next level belt on Smackdown; or challenge for its sister belt on Raw, in this case, the US Title. With the last two options, it would be a genuine forfeiture, so you have tournaments to fill the vacancy, which provides little reset opportunities for new feuds and angles. It is the one page WWE can take from Lucha Underground without upping their wardrobe budget for masks and bitching shoulder pads and capes.

    If Raw kept its more convoluted stories and long arcs, like the two or three year long drive to get Roman not-booed, then that kind of faux-shoot approach to Smackdown could be a nice break for both WWE and Superstars who have to tread water because of Vince’s hard-on for tall and handsome men.

  4. Hey Cheap Popcast crew why was my theme pick not played at the end of the podcast? Because I picked the exact same predictions as type40comics and my time for the main event was even more accurate. Is it because The Final Countdown is a real song or is it something else? I ‘d appreciate a reply as I’ll remember to not do whatever I did next time.

  5. QOTW: I would like to see the winner of Cruiserweight Tournament win the Cruiserweight Championship have that exclusive to Smackdown as well as the Intercontinental. Then on Raw have the US Championship and the Women’s Championship, having Women’s Wrestling exclusive to Raw you could use that extra hour to have great matches and storylines. I would keep One World title and One Tag title and have the champions float between brands.

  6. The King of the Ring Tournament. I remember just getting into wrestling when Smackdown did the KOTR tournament 10 YEARS AGO where Booker T won and went on to have the best period in his career. I know WWE have tried to have the tournament three more times after that and the winners did fuck all. So an exclusive tournament where an NXT call up wins would be perfect.

  7. QOTW: Given how NXT seem to do women’s wrestling right, to the point where they even have mid-card women, if they get enough talent and treat them probably (which they won’t), why not bring back the Women’s Tag Team Championship for Smackdown? If only to elevate women’s wrestling in general.

  8. QOTW: I’d give Smackdown the hexagonal ring that AAA and TNA use. I know that will NEVER happen for various reasons, but I think it would go a long way to making Smackdown and RAW feel like separate promotions (the goal of a whole brand split IMO).

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