WWE 2K17 Will Feature Goldberg – Why That Means He’s Wrestling Again

Goldberg WWE 2K17

Miss Bill Goldberg’s domination of pro wrestling? He’s headed back into the digital ring with this year’s game – but could this also mean a return to real-life wrestling?

In my career as a games journalologist, I parlayed my knowledge of sports entertainment into being the resident “wrestling guy” for my website (as was Laser Time’s Dave Rudden, which explains LT’s wrestling coverage, huh?). I’ve covered every WWE game closely since its name change with WWE ’12, and I’ve definitely noticed a pattern. One that continues with the just-announced WWE 2K17. Take a look at the first trailer…

Yup, the Georgia Bulldog himself, Bill Goldberg is returning for WWE 2K17, and bringing a load of WCW nostalgia with him as a preorder bonus. If you didn’t grow up as a WCW viewer, Goldberg’s popularity might not be that memorable to you, and WWE has certainly done its part to de=emphasize it, but as the unbeaten superman warring against the nWo, nobody was more popular than him with fans of Ted Turner’s wrasslin’ organization.

Bill Goldberg hasn’t wrestled in some time, but that doesn’t make his biggest moments any less impactful. I don’t think there are many louder crowd reactions than Goldberg pinning Hollywood Hulk Hogan at the Georgia Dome in 1998.

I still get goosebumps watching that, and even remembering all the ways WCW fucked up Goldberg after that doesn’t matter. WWE messed up Goldberg as well, to the point where Bill didn’t seem that into doing much business with the McMahons in the last decade. But this starring role in the debut trailer of WWE 2K17 tells me the situation has changed. I think we’ll be seeing Goldberg wrestle at next year’s WrestleMania based on his involvement in 2K Games’ promotional materials.

Don’t believe me? Well, I’ve got history on my side. Flash back to WWE ’12 and a Brock Lesnar who seemed fully into MMA and uninterested in wrestling…

After leaving the company by giving the double middle fingers to Vince and the crowd, Brock in 2011 seemed fully committed to reclaiming his glory in UFC. He was treating his digital return to pro wrestling as a simple one-off appearance, even though he’d be back in the ring the night after WrestleMania the next year. Not only that, but the above video has him being interviewed by Paul Heyman, who’d ALSO return to WWE the next year.

Then there’s WWE 2K14 and the curious case of The Ultimate Warrior…

After saying just about every nasty thing you could about Vince and a lengthy court battle with WWE, I never EVER thought I’d see the volatile Warrior back in the fadcepaint for a WWE product. And yet WWE 2K14 was built all around the man’s legacy. After proving he could behave while promoting the game, Warrior was let back into WWE’s good graces, getting inducted into their Hall of Fame and making up with Vince, though he’d pass away the day after his triumphant return to Monday Night Raw. Looking back, clearly WWE 2K was his first steps toward reconciliation.

And then there’s the man called Sting. The Icon was one of the only major superstars to never set foot in a WWE ring up until 2014. Then came this trailer for WWE 2K15…

After playing his classic music and showing he’d be in the game, Sting would make his real life WWE debut at Survivor Series of that year, going on to a program with Triple H at the next WrestleMania, and then wrestling for the WWE title in what would turn out to be his final match. preceding a Hall of Fame induction in 2016.

Which brings us back to Goldberg. There’d been rumors for years that WWE had been trying to get Goldberg to make a return, but Bill never seemed all that into it. But here he is, filming a commercial for the company’s next multi-million dollar video game. To me, that’s clear evidence their relationship has changed, and this in-game return is just his first step to an in-ring return. But who could he face at WrestleMania? ANYONE BUT TRIPLE H PLEASE.

Think my theory isn’t possible? Let me know in the comments! Also, you can preorder the game right now on Amazon, or grab any of the wrasslin’ selections below if you’re interested (it also helps out LT at no extra cost to you)…






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3 thoughts on “WWE 2K17 Will Feature Goldberg – Why That Means He’s Wrestling Again

  1. Unlike Sting, who had no reason not to agree to the run he had, I think Goldberg knows it’s best for his brand (and yes, it is a brand) to not go into WWE just so HHH can have his 173rd “I was the superior one in the end” moment. I don’t think anyone else interesting could get cleared, unless it was the Undertaker in a “winner gets to retcon how their streak ended” match.

    So I don’t know if he’ll wrestle, but he’s a lock for HOF next year and doing some festivities stuff.

    As for that Hogan match, when WCW did it right, god damn they did it right. Screw ’em who say they shouldn’t have done it that night and waited for a PPV and not understanding the significance of Goldberg’s hotness and being in Georgia. Also, screw the revisionist who act like Goldberg wasn’t as over as people claim. My grandfather never watched a full event in his life and called Goldberg his favorite wrestler numerous times.

    Also, while I’m still soapboxing, the streak number fudging? Went both ways. First few times he beat Paul White at house shows before officially feuding on air, they didn’t count them. I can verify this as someone who saw Goldberg jackhammer him for the first time in a live audience.

  2. I immediately thought the same thing when I saw the video. He will definitely be going in the Hall of Fame in the next couple years. If he does get back in the ring, I hope he gives it 100% and WWE doesn’t mess it up.

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