Cartoon Droids, The Phantom, The Rock and Pixar’s Cars – June 3-9


This week in 1986, the Droids cartoon ends while Ahnuld gets a Raw Deal. Flash to 1996 to see Billy Zane slam evil and Nicholas Cage storm Alcatraz. 2006 sees the debut of Cars and the Prairie Home Companion movie, and Nelly Furtado gets promiscuous.

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31 thoughts on “Cartoon Droids, The Phantom, The Rock and Pixar’s Cars – June 3-9

  1. I will be listening/watching during the PlayStation press conference on Monday night, but I sure wish you all would do a commentary for the Rock soon. It’s a classic!

    1. Seriously…. everyone was like freaking out because Henry wanted to talk about Maison Ikkoku for a full SIXTY SECONDS.
      Laser Time’s trademark anime hatred has certainly lessened over the past year or so, but… it’d be great if Chris could give Japanese cartoons even a small fraction of the respect he gives to mediocre children’s cartoons made by Americans 😉

  2. The best part about Dog Bites Man is the title. It’s a reference to the old oft-paraphrased adage, “Dog bites man is not news. Man bites dog is news.” So the title is basically “Not News.”

  3. I love the Phantom. I saw it in the theater when it came out. Not anywhere near modern superhero movies but it was shot on beautiful locations.

  4. I unironically love The Rock. Nic Cage and Sean Connery are an oddly good duo and it’s nice not the complete idiocy of pretty much everything Bay would make later on. Basically, it doesn’t insult your intelligence and actually has some charm.

    1. There should be no irony involved in loving The Rock. It’s a fantastic action movie. Connery is so good it’s scary. And it’s a Michael Bay movie that has one of the movie’s heroes saying: “Patriotishm ish the virtue of the vicious, according to Oshcar Wilde.” So good! I’ve watched it almost once a year since it came out.

  5. I was surprised Diana was so disdainful of animating something that isn’t aliens or robots or something, like Maison Ikkoku. I watched Anomalisa last night, and while it didn’t need to be animated, it was still a reasonably interesting story, and my girlfriend really liked it, and she isn’t necessarily into animation. Diana just seems to disregard anything animated, or video games, or wrestling (which is totally justified.)

    I watched the Droids and Ewok cartoons, but for some reason I don’t remember that song. It seems like one of the idiotic things that would’ve stuck from childhood.

    Speaking of crappy remakes, the 50’s had a bunch of remakes of good 30’s and 40’s movies, like the Philadelphia Story and the Women, which shoehorned in songs instead of the great dialogue of the original classics. I haven’t seen too many remakes that were justified, but there’s even less chance of many people going back and watching movies that are almost a century old these days, so we have to bring back the old stories in inferior forms.

  6. I never liked cars, even gave it a second shot before going to my last Disneyland trip and still didn’t like it, but Cars Land in California Adventure is so goddamn awesome it almost makes me retroactively love the movie. Flo’s Diner is one of the best places you can eat in the park and Radiator Springs Racers still gets the longest lines in California Adventure and Disneyland proper. All the scenery and Disneyland imagineering is on full scale in Cars Land and it’s almost a tragedy that it’s based on such a mediocre movie.

  7. Chris, don’t be ashamed of liking a prairie home companion it’s good, solid, storytelling. I love the tales from lake wobegon. I’m a black guy from the Atlanta suburbs and I’ve been listening to a prairie home companion and NPR in general since I was 20 in 1997. I never stopped listening but it is my secret, my dirty little secret. I hide it from everyone. except YOU a fellow listener.
    …and I guess anyone who reads this comment on the internet.

  8. Can we get talk about how nobody wants to talk about anime on Cheap Popcast too? It feels like the last bastion.

  9. I unironically still love Droids. I mean, what other cartoon at the time had gangsters and smugglers? (Tiggy!)

    It was fascinating to think about pre-Ep 4 stuff at the time and even when the prequels were announced, I wondered if any elements would be used. Sadly, all we got were planet mentions “Bogden” in Ep. 2, race mentions “Boonta Eve Classic”, and Jann Tosh’s wheel bike.

  10. I think The Phantom was a bigger thing over here in Europe than it was in the US. In Norway, it was a bi-weekly comicbook, but bigger than the usual fare that comes out from Marvel and DC. It usually featured two Phantom stories, as well as some great guest comics such as Thorgal and Largo Winch. I have stacks and stacks of those old Phantom comics lying around somewhere still.

  11. Yeah the Phantom definitely had more appeal overseas. I honestly don’t think the movie is half-bad, having given it and the other pulp films a re-watch this past year. It’s Saturday morning serial-style fun. Yes, it looks goofy and stupid at times, but it also has shirtless Billy Zane giving orders to his trained wolf, and features one of my favorite overly elaborate villain moves in cinema history, starring Everwood’s own Treat Williams. I can’t summarize, you need to watch:

    Now the Shadow? The Shadow is a godawful piece of crap.

  12. According to some sources I’ve seen, Cars has over $10 billion in merchandising sales. To put that in perspective, in all of it’s years Star Wars has only earned about $12 billion in merchandising. (Most of the sources I saw were prior to Episode VII so I’m sure there’s another couple billion dollars since then).

  13. I think I watched the HBO First Look for The Phantom more times than I saw the actual movie.

    This podcast also continues to remind me that man I saw a lot of bad movies in 2006.

  14. I’m usually not the kind of person to go “OMG, you haven’t seen (Movie-X)” – But I am pretty stunned that Christ hasn’t seen The Rock.

    The Rock is fucking awesome. The best movie by Michael Bay. The best movie of 1996, and one of the best action movies of all time. Hell, I have a framed poster hanging in my staircase. Cage and Connery have great chemistry while spouting some of the greatest dialogue ever written (IE: Zeus’s butthole). If you have the Criterion edition, check out the outtakes to see Ed Harris blow a gasket while filming a scene because he keeps stumbling over a line and almost destroys a phone prop.

  15. The Nicholas Cage impersonation in this episode is too good. I replayed that part several times and it almost gets better with each listen.

    Skeleton Warriors – Another 90’s action
    animated series that I had enjoyed watching. I can’t speak to the quality of the series but when we think back on this times, it is usually with fond memories. But, I never got into the related products (games, toys, etc).

    The theme song to Maison Ikkou is so GD catchy. Having never heard the song before, I liked upon. first listen.

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