Cape Crisis #192 – The Thing AKA Aunt Petunia’s Favorite Nephew


Hank, Brett, and Dave take a close look at Henry’s second favorite Marvel hero, dive into some juicy gossip in the news, and chat with the community all in one podcast…


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Cape Crisis #192 Question: What out of print comic would you like to see get a new rerelease?


And don’t forget to ask your first ever “Ask Hank” questions in the comments below!

18 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #192 – The Thing AKA Aunt Petunia’s Favorite Nephew

  1. DC Rebirth is really making me jump back into their line up. I haven’t read this much weekly since the New 52 launch and I’ve gotta say I’ve been super pleased with the output so far.

  2. WARNING: The download link’s broken somehow. I only get a 404 when I try to access it. I’ll have to do without CC today, sadly. 🙁 I’ll listen to the video link later while drafting up ideas for my second novel, though!

  3. Hank seems to be highly active on the Tweets right now. Can someone with a Twitter account message him and let him know?

  4. woah I never knew there was a series actually showing Thing in the Beyonder world during the She-Hulk era….. curious if they’re worth reading?

  5. As a kid, I somehow stumbled onto the 1984 miniseries “Crash Ryan”.
    It is set in an alternate 1930s with a pulp aesthetic and that wizbang paleofuture that Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow had with airships and flying fortresses.
    Not sure if it holds up at all, but I adored it as a kid.

  6. It’s Saturday morning and the link on now fixed.

    Ask Hank:
    What Image and Valiant comics from the 90’s era that you recommend?

    1. The new spin on Magnus Robot fighter was shockingly good. I read through issue 9 on comixology. Really cool

  7. QOTW – I mentioned it in my original Ask Hank question, but my favourite uncollected comic is Marvel’s 1990 Foolkiller mini-series. Written by Steve Gerber (who created the original incarnation of the character in his run on Man-Thing, where he also created Howard The Duck), the 10 issue series follows Kurt Gerhardt; a man who takes up the mantle of Foolkiller after he loses his job at the bank and his life falls apart. While there is a lot of super interesting things this comic does (the way it approaches the main character’s mental illness is remarkable, for example), probably the most forward thinking moments of the comic come from it’s final arc.
    After spending most of the story killing drug dealers, low level crooks and other street-level “fools”, Gerhardt comes to the realisation that the real problem lies with the 1% and turns his blaster pistol of Wall St bros, conservative talk-show hosts and, finally, an entrepreneur called Darren Waite (an obvious Donald Trump stand-in).
    Honestly, this comic was so far ahead of its time. Aside from some unfortunate/insensitive racial stuff you could release it today and it would still be just as culturally relevant now as it was in 1990. Great stuff, and very deserving of a collection!

  8. ASK HANK: How much or often do you browse the pages of a comic before you read it?
    Follow ups:
    Do you stop at the 3 page digital preview on Comixology or do you swipe through the pages once it’s on your iPad before you really sit down and read?

    How often has it spoiled things for you or are all the real spoilers already out there for your favorite comics?

  9. If you had the opportunity to write for a superhero or direct a superhero movie, which hero would you do?

  10. Ask Hank – In the aftermath of a personal or national tragedy, are there any comics you can read as comfort, or escape, or to be inspired?

  11. QOTW: Brute Force
    Come on, how can you not want a collection of comics about a cyborg lion, a cyborg bear, a cyborg bald eagle, a cyborg kangaroo and a cyborg dolphin (with arms and legs), beating up a cyborg gorilla, a cyborg rhino, a cyborg vulture, a cyborg shark and a cyborg octopus (with treads!) in the name of environmental protection?

  12. QOTW: I really wanted to contribute this week, but after some quick research…I got nothing. Most stuff is collected now a days, even some of the less popular titles I like, such as Lone Wolf and Cub 2100 ( a limited run comic and even that has an omnibus!). I’m sure I could deep dive for more obscure titles, but really anything I want is in trade form. I would love to own the Darkhorse Omnibus of Conan, a massive tomb that’s cost upwards of $400.

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