Who Will Win E3? Xbox, PlayStation, & Nintendo Settle It In The Ring!


Which console will win E3? There’s only one way to settle it, so we’re putting each platform’s biggest E3 competitor in the ring!

E3 fever has overtaken Laser Time! While we’ll be streaming all three major platform’s press conferences (see Laser Time’s E3 schedule here), we’re going to try to be fair and balanced in our snarky yelling over announcements. Of course, all of that will go out the window if Nintendo brings Mother 3 to the US. Anyway, while we might not show favor for any console, most show-goers are eager to crown a winner, unaware of the fact that we already simulated it in WWE 2K16. Check out the E3 2016 Mascot Melee!

Yes, we pit each of this year’s biggest E3 exclusives from the “big three” against each other in a wrestling match. Can Gears (represented by Marcus Fenix) capture the magic this generation that it had on the 360? Can God of War (unconfirmed but very likely post-Uncharted) rule once more? Or will The Legend of Zelda (the sole focus of Nintendo’s show) serve as the killer app for the NX? You might find out in our video embedded above! At the very least, you can watch us draw parallels between created wrestlers and actual video game companies. Enjoy!

Want more simulated wrestling insanity? Check out our stream of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles taking each other on in a no-holds-barred brawl below! Keep up with all our weird vids by subscribing to Laser Time’s YouTube page!

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