Watch PlayStation’s E3 2016 Press Conference Right Here!

Sony E3 2016 Press

It’s time for the last E3 press conference of the day, and it could be the biggest of them all. Tune in for Sony at 6:00PM Pacific, or watch the archive later to relive our glory!

Be sure to checkĀ out the schedule for the rest of our E3 coverage, and why don’t you see how nuts last year’s press conference was…

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6 thoughts on “Watch PlayStation’s E3 2016 Press Conference Right Here!

  1. Definitely the best of E3. Never played a GOW but I’m really excited by how this one looks. The Last Guardian comes out in 4 months. Horizon: Zero Dawn looks awesome. Detroit: Become Human looks like the least awkward Cage game so far, and I want to play it rather than make fun of it. Biohazard came out of nowhere and is out in January. COD: IW looks to the first one I’m actually really interested in. Crash Bandi- . Kojima is back is whatever the hell that was looked really cool. Insomniac, one of my favorite devs, is making an exclusive Spider-Man game (in it’s own universe). Days Gone looked meh from that first trailer but the gameplay with the massive flood of zombros looked really impressive.
    The downsides: Vita is dead. No Gravity Rush 2 shown. Deep Down is basically vaporware at this point. Nothing new from the interesting indie games announced in past years like Tomorrow Children and Rime.
    Also sadly no new KH3 trailer BUT there’s a new 2.8 trailer out that shows off the 0.2 chapter prologue which is brand spanking new and basically a prologue to KH3 and the gameplay looks awesome.

  2. I think this might have been the best VG game conference I’ve ever seen. The Pacing was spot on, there was very little talking and BS, most of it was pretty much trailers and demos, and every single game showcased looked either interesting, or flat out awesome, without looking TOO awesome to make you assume that it’s all fake. (Never Forget Killzone 2’s first trailer.)

    Now, will most of these games live up to their promise? who knows. But if the Conference’s aim was to get you hyped for what the PS4 has in store? mission accomplished.

    Heck, as someone that is not very interested in VR because I feel like it’s just the next fad after motion controls, I gotta admit, some of their stuff looks really cool.

  3. I couldn’t help but giggle a little at the youtube comments from people who clearly aren’t familiar with Laser Time work. Don’t let it discourage you, you all do quality work that I’ve been listening to for years. Keep it up!

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