Watch The Xbox E3 2016 Press Conference With Laser Time!

Xbox E3 2016 Press

Laser Time isn’t at E3, but that won’t stop us from sharing our immediate reactions to things, and that includes Microsoft’s press event. Join us at 9:30AM Pacific Time to watch along, or watch the archive later to relive our glory!

And while you’re waiting, check out the schedule for the rest of our E3 coverage, as well as what Chris and Henry thought of last year’s press event…

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5 thoughts on “Watch The Xbox E3 2016 Press Conference With Laser Time!

  1. oh gawd.
    i feel like a child of divorce having to pick between which parent they like more. only this is less over all traumatic than that was and didn’t leave me a socially awkward and emotionally stunted man-child who only want to sit in his apt and draw comics and animate and never go outside to go grocery shopping except at 3a.m. because that’s the only time there are NO PEOPLE around.
    why are you doing this to me laser tiiiiiiime.

  2. Lol, love it. This was actually the first time I saw the “studio”.

    SO yeah, I’m excited for Gears 4 but skeptical at the moment and super disappointed we didn’t see any Crackdown 3. 🙁

  3. Just wanted to say, Your live broadcast was by far the best of any Ive watched. Great job guys. Glad Bret’s back.

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