Zelda: Breath of the Wild trailer analysis

Zelda E3 Trailer Exploration

The world’s eighth-leading Zelda experts hunker down and examine the Breath of the Wild trailer in great detail. What did we discover?

The main thing I love about this trailer – and the hours of additional gameplay shown during E3 streams – is the sense of desolation and emptiness. The team is definitely going for a Zelda 1 vibe, one where there are few (if any) organized towns and helpful NPCs. Is Ganon behind the fall of Hyrule? Is another evil force to blame? What weirdo space-magic chamber was Link inside at the beginning of the gameplay demo? Who knows!

At the very least it’s fun to speculate about a Nintendo title. Zelda is always great, but the past few years have felt a little predictable at worst and “familiar” at best. I liked what Skyward Sword tried to accomplish with its formula shakeups, and felt Link Between Worlds was another strong step in the right direction, but BotW seems to be the full-fledged conceptual reboot the series truly needs.

We’ll see!

4 thoughts on “Zelda: Breath of the Wild trailer analysis

  1. i liked this.
    man I really hope you guys got to see all that zelda gameplay they showed ALL FRIGGIN DAY.
    i’m sold. there’s so much going on with that game, it just looks like an amazingly fun time.
    i can’t wait.

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