A Laser Time Update From Henry Gilbert

Thank you

An important message from Hank, with info on the future of Cape Crisis…

10 years ago, on this exact same day (June 18), I was pretty scared. I was about to leave my family and home in Florida, fly to Berkeley, CA, and start a whole new life on my own. I didn’t even have a job, and only a meager savings to support myself while looking for employment on a completely on the total other side of the USA. I wasn’t sure if I’d make it to the end of the year, terrified I might have to move back to Florida.

Living on my own was so new and different, going from the suburban south to the Bay Area, and it was mostly exciting when I wasn’t crippled by anxiety. In those first days I couldn’t imagine what the next year would be like, or even the next decade – I was too concerned about paying rent the next month. I didn’t expect I’d go from video store employee to web site intern to professional writer to crowd supported podcaster. I certainly didn’t expect to make so many close friends along the way, or meet so many people through the work I put out into the world.

It’s something I keep reminding myself whenever depression creeps into my life – “Stop trying to convince yourself you know what will happen in the future, because you absolutely have never known before.” Even this last year featured things I never anticipated, like leaving my old website to help Chris and Dave expand Laser Time, as well as a ton of family stuff that’s too boring to get into here. For someone who finds comfort in routine, there’s been a lot of change to get used to.

So, looking back at all that history and this anniversary being so personally important is why I wanted to tell you all something on this big day. Starting next week, I’ll no longer be working full time at Laser Time. After being offered a new opportunity I couldn’t pass up, I’ll be working at a new job and will no longer have daytime hours free to work on LT (though I’m not leaving the Bay Area), and consequently, won’t be as big a part of Laser Time’s many productions.

The largest change to all of this is that Cape Crisis is now on an indefinite hiatus until I figure out if the podcast can fit into my new schedule. Cape fans, you have my most sincere apologies for this, but I’m not sure how I’ll be able to fit recording that weekly show around my current workload. I’m not saying Cape Crisis will never return or that there won’t be other comic book content from LT, but I just can’t say for sure right now.

My new job also means I won’t be around for any of the daytime streams, and I’ll be appearing less frequently on podcasts and videos in the future. The next month or so I’ll be figuring out exactly how I’ll be able to fit Laser Time into my changing schedule, so I can’t say for certain just how much I’ll be involved in LT from now on. I know that’s a lot to take in, but I’ll let you know when I know more.

This was a very hard choice to make, especially when I’ve gotten to know so many of you very well over the years, particularly via the last year of Patreon support. All of you put time, money, and effort into making Laser Time financially possible as a full time operation, all through your love and support for what we do. You have my eternal gratitude for that. And with that Patreon support Laser Time will absolutely continue on with Chris, Dave, and Brett creating more of the fun stuff we’ve all been making in the last 12 months. I know I’ll still be supporting Laser Time via Patreon, and I hope all of you feel the same way too. The rest of the Laser Time crew are my best friends and I’m going to miss working with them every day.

In the next few days I’ll let you all know where I’m headed, and I suppose we’ll all see together where this will take me and how much you’ll be hearing/seeing me on LT stuff. Again, I thank you all so much for the support that has made this last decade into more fun than I ever anticipated. I have no clue where this next decade will take me, but I hope that I can entertain and inform all of you as those days and months and years go by. Thank you all so much, and until next time…

Henry Gilbert


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  1. Love ya, Hank. Always and forever. Best of luck in what life brings you next, and I’ll be expecting multiple tweets when Justce League rolls around to theaters.

  2. You’ll be missed. You’re my favorite lasertime personality and it’ll be hard adjusting without you but I’m glad you’re doing what’s best for you and I wish you good luck!

  3. Thank you very much for all that you’ve done and I hope your new gig is everything you want it to be. As far as Cape Crisis is concerned, at the very least, I hope the Superhero Spotlight continues or reappears when needed. I was counting on you to explain to me who the hell Dr. Strange is!

  4. One more thing, my wife has gotten to know the whole LT crew through osmosis during holiday road trips. When I told her about this just now, she said, “I bet his new job is executive producer at News Night 2.0 with Will McAvoy. “

  5. It’s gonna be weird without you as a regular on the LT podcasts. You were the glue of the crew because you believe you’re probably the only who was consistently on all the shows. Best part is your genuine enthusiasm towards all the categories. I hope that carries over wherever you go next. Best of luck, Hank!

  6. Thank you so much for everything you’ve given us over the last several years, Hank. I wish you luck in your next step and I can’ t wait to hear what’s in store. Cheers!

  7. Congrats on the job Hank! You are a big reason I got hooked on the LT network of shows, and I (and everyone else)will miss hearing you as much! Good luck with the new digs.

  8. Things won’t be the same without your constant dedication. You and cape crisis have expanded my comic me horizons. There’s a few books I never would have read within rbyour evangelism. Wish you the best in this new endeavour!

  9. Good luck Hank! I’m stuck all the way out in bonnie Scotland and discovered podcasts and the lasertime network about a year ago. I can’t thank you enough for all you have taught me about comic books. You are by far my favourite podcaster and your knowledge of pop culture is second to none. I couldn’t believe any one in the US would have even heard of shows like Red Dwarf! (even if you’re interpretation of British media is occasionally lost in translation, this amuses me no end!) I hope you won’t become a stranger and still continue to pop up on lasertime podcasts. Good luck with your new venture and Excelsior from Edinburgh!

  10. Thanks for all your hard work and all the entertainment and knowledge you’ve give us Hank! Hope we will still see you around these parts on the regular. Good luck with your future endeavours!

  11. Thank you very much for everything you have done for the site Hank, I’ve been listening to stuff from Laser Time ever since you and Dave turned up Retronauts for Wrestlenauts back in 2013. I’ve always enjoyed you overwhelming positivity and energy you bring to everything you are on. I always enjoyed that you were a fan of the lesser games that I’m into that others were, stuff like Etrian Odyssey or Shin Megami Tensei on the 3DS or your love for anime despite how others would trash on it at times. I hope we still get to hear you in the future and all the best with the new job and were the future takes you.

  12. Congratulations. You are the reason i got into LT. Cant lie it really hurts to see you go. Wish you the best. You rock.

  13. this is a big change for me. I may be more emotionally shaken by this just because there a re a lot of things changing in my personal life and they’ve left me in a weird emotional and psychological place. sometimes I hate feeling. but I’m both happy for you and sad. I’m happy because you (unlike my self whose still unemployed after 6 months) were able to find a place out in the big bad world and make some money, doing what… I don’t know yet. But, I’m also sad because I feel like we failed you. like we failed to support LaserTime enough that it could financially support all of you guys living in SUPER expensive SF, but also like we failed to support you emotionally. I’m projecting I think, sorry going through some things. But I feel very personally at fault for losing my job and not being able to continue giving my support to you guys. Cape Crisis IS quite literally my favorite podcast in the whole LT network. I love all you LaserLads 100% with all of my heart which is why I followed y’all here from Tdar and to each place that you guys wen’t before everyone ended up back under one roof. But I stayed at games radar because you were still there, I listened to radio radar because you were still there and when you left I closed that door behind me. But, I’m not angry or upset (maybe a little jarred, but like I said I’m going through some emotional things) I’m actually really happy for you and I’m hoping the best for you now and forever because out of all the Laser Lads you’re the one I maybe identify with most, like a kindred spirit or something. which is weird being a silly little depressed geeky black guy in atlanta. I actually found myself wishing that in that brief time when you lived here in georgia we could have crossed paths and been friends. But in all the years that I’ve listened to y’all I’ve watched you grow and change and break out as a person and a force and that’s awesome and has given me (crying) hope that I can be better and stronger and make friends and share and grow as a person and have an affect on the world. You mean a lot to me (you all do) and in that weird internet way because y’all have shared so much of yourselves with us for, jeez has it really almost been a decade?! anyway, because of all that y’all have shared with us I just feel like I grew up with y’all and so I felt like you guys were as much my friends as my real life friends. and I hate to see friends go. I’m used to people coming into my life and making an impact or unconsciously helping me grow as a person (apparently I do the same for others) but it’s been my experience that people move in and out of our lives and sometimes they reappear but sometimes they don’t and they just become a fading memory. that’s the one I fear the most. But again (I’m projecting a little ) and I’m happier for you than maybe I come off in this long dissertation. sorry about the text wall. I congratulate you, wish you the best of luck and will stand by waiting in anticipation for the day you can hopefully find a way to balance these two worlds and come back to us. I’ll continue to give all the love and support I can to the LTN from my currently reduced status and cheer you on where ever you might be Henry because I know you’re still out there and still doing good. Love ya’ man, gonna miss you.
    P.S. sorry about projecting all my emotional baggage all over this post, it’s just a lot of changes have been happening in my life lately and it’s left me a bit of a mess. I’m literally crying but I know why. sorry. I’m silly.

  14. I’ve been listening to you since your first guest appearance on talk radar and it’s been a pleasure. Good luck and skill! Hopefully you’ll still be able to do guest appearances on L.T.

  15. Hope everything goes great for you in the future! I’ll be excited anytime you show up for a special appearance!

  16. God speed my dude and thanks for giving my daily morning commute some legit comic street Cred!

  17. We’ll miss ya bud, because of you and CC I got back into comic books.
    who else is thinking this new place is Marvel? I’m putting my money on Marvel.

  18. Love you Henry. You’re presence will be missed and I hope you’re new job lets you find the time for some appearances and more cc episodes. Congratulations on the new position big guy, you will be missed!

  19. Good luck to you henry! You definitely came into yourself these last few years since your initial spot on T-dar. Your comedy and timing has improved, so hopefully you don’t give up podcasting for good. We would love to hear where you’re headed next! Keep us updated, HENEREYG. You definitely brainwashed us all into remembering your twitter name. Still not as bad as what Mikel and that fucking raccoon did to that Mario 64 song. God speed Hank!

  20. you are the pete holmes, yell over everyone, know nothing know it all of writing. good luck, it will be nice to not listen to you rant through buffalo wings

  21. I love all the hosts for different reasons but you were always my all-around favorite. Despite only recently getting into comics I’ve listened to Cape Crisis from the start just because you hosted. I’m sad to get less of your brilliant pop culture commentary but happy for your opportunity and that it’ll be such a treat now when you are on a podcast. Good luck!

  22. I wish you the best of luck Hank. I’ve been a fan of you since the GR days and where ever you go I’ll still be a fan. It will be odd not seeing you on streams and I’m going to miss your input on LT. I can’t wait to hear where you’re going next!

  23. Hope to still have you on podcasts from time to time Hank, but your impact on the Lasertime network has been amazing and you should be proud!

  24. Congratulations on the new job opportunity, Henry. In the previous Cape Crisis episode, you had hinted “something” but I thought there was going to be a special guest joining this week’s episode. As others have said, you will be missed on the streams and podcasts.

    One of my favorite memories of Cape Crisis was when Chris and Dave were reading porn movie titles. I don’t remember how that was injected into that particular episode but it was too funny. It would have been easy to cut them off completely but you rolled with it.

    Wish you the best!

  25. Damn man, congratulations on the new position and I’m sure I’ll say it again once you let us know what it is. It’s a damn shame to the LaserTime podcasting crew though. Cape Crisis is the best comic book podcast around. All the others I’ve listened to are either done over Skype or have little to no personality to them. You’ll be missed.

    Incidentally, can anyone recommend any other good comic book podcasts?

  26. Going to miss you Hank. there will be a hole in the plugs where I’ll have to say henereyg myself now.

  27. Hearing you grow from timid talkradar guest to full comic podcast host over all these years was a real treat Henry, I’ll miss you greatly but im happy for you man! I can never repay you for all the hours of entertainment you and the show have given me, all the best buddy!

  28. It’s great you’ve found a new position you are excited for and hope it goes very well for you. Don’t worry about not being around as much since no doubt we haven’t seen the last of you either. Not just Cape Crisis but also Cheap Popcast won’t be the same without you so I do hope you can provide your great wrestling insight now and then but at the end of the day it’s what’s best for you. Also as a listener since the TDar days, it will be strange in general without you in any podcast, period. You’ve been a great host, regular and guest across the board with your insight, humor and all round enthusiasm on the shows over the years.

    Good luck and an EXCELSIOR to you to!

  29. I’m relieved Henry wasn’t forced to leave LT because of some sort of emergency.
    If Hank got something more secure that he was excited about, then best of luck!
    Thanks for all the podcasts, shows and articles!

  30. This legitimately bums me out. The chubby gay nerd angle I connect to on LT will be much less.

    Hope to hear you again soon!

  31. Congratulations on the new job, Hank! Wherever you’ve gotten hired on is gonna be lucky to have you!

    I’ll miss weekly Cape Crises, and I doubt anyone’s gonna pick up the anime/manga ball on TTT, but I can’t begrudge anyone who gets a shot at a job they’ll love. Hope to see you again in the near future- maybe once BvS comes up as a Monday Night Movie ;).


  32. I’m a little heart broken, but I know we haven’t seen the last of you Hank. with a full time job, and an entire life to live, I know it can’t be easy squeezing LT in as well. we’ll still be here, appreciating you whenever we get the chance.

  33. So after spending the last 10 minutes screaming into a pillow, I’ve composed myself.
    I will miss you terribly Hank, I know you will make the odd cameo every now and then but CC is my absolute favourite & that’s all because of you. I fear its IGN but I hope it’s Marvel or Nintendo your going too, God I’m gonna miss you on the commentary’s . & if your new job isn’t for you, you win the lotto or you somehow find a way to stop time, you can always have a reboot “all new all different Cape Crisis” sounds pretty good…where’s that pillow…

  34. Congratulations, Henry. I love the Superhero spotlight series and I was hoping that somebody would pick up on your expertise and hire you to do something even better.

  35. It’s as if Hank found a box labeled hamdingers and is escaping Chris’s apartment. Sad to see you go Henry. Good luck in your future endeavours.

  36. First, thank you Henry for all the fun time here at Laser Time, back when you were working at the old site, when you left the old site to be at Laser Time full time, and appearing on the many podcasts here along with Cape Crisis. Second, good luck to your new job whatever it is. Third, looking forward to your future appearances on the Laser Time podcasts whenever you have the time.

  37. This show started a little while after I had fallen out of comics, and it was definitely a big part of getting back into things. A couple months into the show, a pretty rough time in my life started, and having this constant forum of discussion for comics and superheroes helped me keep going in one way or another, and I’m supremely grateful for that. I remember around episode 50, I was in a better place, but the summer brought about its boredom and hours spent with ‘Crisis were always a nice relief.

    I’m sad to see the show go (for now), and to not have Henry around as much as he has been since the patreon started. That being said, I’m a huge believer in taking opportunities and leaps when you believe in them, and not letting things pass you by. So with that, I wish Hank the motherfucking tank Gilbert the best of luck with whatever position has captured his attention, and I know you’ll do great work.

  38. Henry, I can say this in all honesty, I wish you the best and hope you excel in all your jobs. You were the sole reason I stuck with Gamesradar after everybody else left. You’ve been fun to listen too. I imagine your new job must be very involved because you started doing CapeCrisis before you left GR so I do hope you stay involved with semi-regular appearances on Lasertime or Cheap Popcast. The other thing I love about you is that you represent the real nerd enthusiasts out there. I don’t mean that you are a nerd. I mean that you act so honestly and naturally that I believe you react truthfully to all that you comment on. When you get pissed of it’s real. When you get flustered it’s real. Your not doing a shtick. So don’t be a stranger alright?

  39. I never post on the forums, but I wanted to hop on and wish you all the best Henry! Really hope CapCrises comes back and that we hear you every now and then on the other shows.

  40. Well, shit.

    It was listening to CC that essentially got me back into comics. You will be missed.

    So… will this new job affect your Twitter output? Because, sweet Jesus, you are wrecking my feed.

  41. Wherever you end up Henry I wish you the best, and I’ll miss you being as involved with LT but hopefully your new position will be something where we can all still support your work. From the sound of it this is really great opportunity for you and in that respect I’m delighted to hear that you’re being recognized for your talents, even if that means we can’t hog you as much for ourselves. I never had anything against comics, but your podcast is really what got me into them and hope you can continue to bring your knowledge to the people no matter where you go. Even if someone corrects you on something, it’s not to try and shame you, but to try and reach out and be involved with you (and because Wikiparez imprinted the joys of accuracy into our minds years ago).

  42. Hey Henry!
    I’m saddened that you’re leaving LT but I wish you the best in your future endeavors. The internet is weird in that you don’t know me but I’ve been listening to you and the laser crew since the old Talkradar days when I was in high school. I want to thank you for the many hours of entertainment you have provided for me on my long bus rides (and now drives). I really hope you’ll show up occasionally in some podcasts because I’ll miss not hearing what you have to say about stuff!


  43. Sorry I jumped the gun with a Ask Hank question. This was a surprise but you got to do what you got to do.

  44. No matter how many times you call me the n-word, I’ll always love ya hank!
    Good luck with your future endeavors!

  45. Thanks for everything Hank. I’m stoked to see what the future has in store for you. I’ll miss your greater presence on the LTP network. Best of luck to you.

  46. Good luck Hank and great news on the new job. I greatly enjoyed your knowledge on wrestling and comics (things I like but am weak in knowledge). I was here for Cape Crisis #1 and now it appears possibly the last one as well.

    I won’t lie, this is hitting me harder than I thought. You were one of the core guys of LaserTime and you leaving just reminds me that nothing is forever. I really don’t want to imagine my life without the weekly bonus times and podcasts you guys provide. I haven’t been around as long as others but have been a LaserTime listener since January 2012 (and Tdar from like July 2011) but still that’s over 4 years. It’s one sided but I know you guys and if something ever happens and LaserTime ends, I’ll be losing friends.

    But again, good luck Henry and I hope we don’t have any more of these letters anytime soon.

  47. The song at the end of the last (for now) Cape Crisis made me tear up at my work desk. Henry, you’ve always been one of my favorite online personalities and I can’t thank you enough for all of the knowledge you’ve shared and the laughs you’ve given. The LT crew has been a significant part of my daily life and routine that I think of you all like friends.

    I’m gonna miss the hell out of you, Henry. I look forward to hearing you from time to time on the other shows, and I won’t remove Cape Crisis from my feed in hopes that someday you get to record a special episode for us.

    Take care!

  48. @ Chris – Why are all your brooms and swiffers and mops upside-down? I can 100% assure you they clean much better pointed the other way.

    @ Henry – Gonna miss you. Crossing my fingers for the All-New Cape Crisis at some point in the future. Good luck with your new job!

    @Brett, Dave and Chris – Wouldn’t mind someone else becoming the new Totally Awesome Cape Crisis.

    @ Everyone at Lasertime – Try cutting out the superhero spotlight. It’s obviously the biggest time-sink and a big part of this year’s Cape Crisis, but it seems like the logical thing to cut if you’re interested in keeping a podcast about comicbooks.

    @ Dave – Does this mean no more Dave’s Homework?

    @ Brett – Gonna miss your Spider-Man driving intro theme most of all…

  49. For years I’ve enjoyed following the pop culture landscape through your eyes. It’s been a real treat for us and it’s sad to see you go. I’m very grateful for the limited interaction we’ve shared. I should tell you how much it warmed my heart when you would say “I love that song” after my dorky Community Segment theme song played on your run of RadioRadar. Literally as I type this I am working on music for a major fashion company, and I want to tell you how you actually helped encourage me. Your bravery had me crying after Cape Crisis #100, I’m sure to feel bittersweetness when I listen to #200. Best of luck to you, your planet needs you. Shine on you crazy Gilbert.

  50. I’ve been listening to you guys for so long that this feels like saying goodbye to an old friend. Thank you for everything.

  51. I’m crushed. I’m glad there is an opportunity so good you can’t pass up but the the LT network will never be the same. Cape Crisis was an amazing podcast that got me into reading comics for the first time in 25 years. I can’t even begin to tell you how much joy I’ve had picking up some of your suggested comics. You were also single handedly responsible for me changing my attitude about Captain America and Superman.

    I’d go on but I’ve been a fan since the early T’dar days and this feels like losing a friend. Thank you so much and here’s hoping we get a Hank rebooted series sometime in the future.

  52. This is sad news but happy for you Henry! Cape Crisis has been one of my favorite podcasts ever. Thank you for the great times and hopefully we will hear from you again soon!

  53. The news was gut punch Henry. I’m a huge fan and have listened to you for years, I genuinely feel sadness that you won’t be around as much. Thanks for the years of effort and for being an inspiration to me. Good luck with the future, I hope you’ll grace us with your wonderful personality on more than a rare occasion!

  54. Oh Hankery. God speed and good times. Don’t be a stranger. Also don’t stop tweeting because that’s important. Good luck at your job too.

  55. I feel selfish because I always want more Hank in my life, but I fucking love you and smwish you the best with whatever comes next.

  56. Bon voyage Chief, only been on board with the brilliance of LT for about 6 months but you guys are just awesome and especially enjoyed your contributions to this and CP. Excelsior!!

  57. Hey Henry, wanted to say thanks for the many hours of joy you’ve brought into my life, my commute won’t be the same without you. Hope the new job is everything that you want it to be and congratulations. Much love 😊

  58. Fuck you Henry, you made me cry on a cab

    Seriously, i love you all guys, i was so happy when you started the podcast and it’s sad to see you go. Thanks for the awesome job!

  59. No! You’re like the Hulk of SJW’s! We need you, Hank. But here is hoping this new opprtunity fulfills its promise, and here is sdlfishly hoping you can still make LT fit in your life, as I do love your perspective on things, from being man enough to drink juice to hating the Styles Clash like it is going out of style.

  60. Good luck Henry. I’m going to miss you in my ears during the week but I know how it is when opportunities come up that you can’t pass up. Looking forward to seeing where you end up. Good luck!

  61. Congrats on the new gig Henry and Thank you for Cape Crisis.

    You mentioned on the show a few times that you would love it if the show turned anyone into a comic book fan and I would say that is the case with me even if I am probably more of a casual fan, its a step up from having zero interest outside of the Marvel Films. I listened to every single episode each week even though I originally only listened because I am a fan of the LaserTime crew but 4 years on I now follow and read comics and know loads of obscure details about random super heroes and villains thanks to the Super Hero Spotlight segment.

    Thanks again man!

  62. I’ll definitely miss you Henry, you’re my favorite part of LaserTime (though I love everyone else on the show too). I’m gonna miss the gay perspective on the show to be honest, as a gay person myself I love the fact that you’re on the podcast and the energy you bring I feel is perfect.
    Thanks for being so awesome.

  63. Best wishes. There are a LOT of comic book podcasts out there, but I have to say yours is the only one that ever clicked for me. You’re a smart, passionate guy who doesn’t wallow in negatives and I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated that in your approach to comics coverage. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m fervently hoping you find a way to fit Cape Crisis into your life, but know that I understand the tough choice you’re facing. You’ll be sorely missed on LT and 30-20-10 as well. Your POV is an important part of the balance of those shows. I’m really going to miss you. Good luck, man.

  64. Fingers crossed the new job leaves room for you to join in with a podcast fortnightly at least. Best of luck.

  65. literally every time something like this happens I get so sad, it’s like losing a friend you’ve never met but listen to every week

  66. Aw best of luck to you Henry! Your presence will be missed but I’m sure you’ll be popping in from time to time so I suppose it will be a pleasant surprise to look forward to. Have a great one, dude. -Alex

  67. Thank you so much for all your time and devotion to the site. I’m an avid listener, less of a commenter, and a small patreon contributor. But I love at least 3 of the LT shows and you’ve been a part of them all. Thanks so much. Was just listening to you today as I drove from lower NY to Maine, thinking “these guys make the drive so much friendlier and fun”.

    Good luck and look forward to hearing your voice again in the future.

  68. Hey Max, good to see you’re doing well. Stumbled upon lasertime from a friend and knew instantly that was you. Good shit man. Good luck with everything.

    OPHS 2001

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