Cape Crisis #200 – Spider-Man Never Gives Up


Hank, Brett, and Dave give Spider-Man the spotlight he deserves, we chat about news and the community, and we’ve got some important news about Cape Crisis’ future…


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Cape Crisis #200 Question: What Cape Crisis memories would you like to share?


21 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #200 – Spider-Man Never Gives Up

  1. Ask Hank:
    When it comes to multiple heroes with the same name, have you ever preferred one over the original? Like say for example you prefer Miles Morales over Peter Parker?

  2. Sad to hear about the shows hiatus and Henry being less active on the site. I hope for nothing but the best for you Hank, whatever it is that you are moving on to do, I hope it’s awesome and that you’re very successful. Can’t wait to hear you back on the occasional Laser Time and hope to see Cape Crisis rise again like a Phoenix from the ashes.

  3. I haven’t listened to this one yet but it has become kind of tradition of Lasertime to skip the episode to 200 when it’s an “end” of sorts.

    Yes, Smars, sigh…

  4. I really enjoyed the start of the Clone Saga at the time but the problem with a lot of crossovers is they last too long and are spread out across too many issues. I think the crossovers in the mid 00s worked really well because they had a mini series telling the main story and satellite issues telling interesting but unnecessary stories. But I thought the premise of the Clone Saga was great.

    Hank and Brett are really hard on married Peter Parker. I loved how Peter Parker got older, got married, and eventually would have kids. He really grew up with readers. This notion that a single, teenager can’t relate with Peter Parker and Mary Jane is wrong.

    I never knew that DeFalco’s Spider-Girl was thought of as a continuation of married Peter Parker. I really need to read it.

  5. I’ll be sad not to see cape crisis in my feed any longer. Listening to Henry and Brett talk about marvel on Tdar made me curious enough to start reading comics. I’ve been introduced to an overwhelming amout of books to read through CC, and it’s always been a great source for just general comics info and talk. Appreciate the hard work on the past 200 episodes guys.

  6. Cape Crisis will be missed. Without CC I would have never read Saga, Invincible, Spider-Man, and oh so much more. I mean hell my copy of Blankets I got through an Amazon link is right across from me. Hank and crew you guys made a great show and I’m sure if we ever get Ultimate Cape Crisis it will still be great.

  7. Good luck with whatevers next Henry. You’ve always been my favorite Lasertime personality (even is you got on my nerves sometimes). I hope i’ll still be able to hear your voice in my ears even if it’s not Cape Crisis.

  8. QOTW when you guys did Psylocke as your superhero spotlight, (the name of the episode made me make an audible “YAY” that sounded like a cartoon puppy). I’m pretty sure I’ve been bugging Hank since day one to choose her, and boy did they not disappoint, covered her complicated past in a nice summary, good job guys, sorry for the 200 + times I sent you Twitter mugs reminding you she exists. Wow you guys are awesome. Thank you so much. What a fantastic podcast family this is.

    1. MSG’s I meant, not mugs….wait a minute…who’s going to read these out, if the show is ending 🙁

  9. I will really miss you, Henry. But I’m glad that you are moving on to new adventures! Cape Crisis was my favorite comic book podcast and I look forward to an occasional special here and there.

  10. I will miss you, Henry! Here’s to your future endeavors! On a side note(and I am not saying this to be a jerk), but I was wondering why people won’t say where they’ll be working when they leave places? Over the past few years, a lot of people I follow on Twitter/blogs/websites don’t say where they’re going until they’re there.

  11. Nice way to go out.

    I unapologetically love both the 67 Spidey series and 80s gang war Spidey.

    67 Spidey seasons 2 and 3 had plots that were definitely not aimed at kids (The Kingpin manufacturing fake medicine and trying to blow up the Bugle for exposing it) and Rose and Hobgoblin were great in the 80s. Poor Ned Leeds. I remember being blown away reading Spider-Man and Wolverine.

  12. True confession: Cape Crisis used to be the one Lasertime podcast I would skip. It’s not your fault as you are one of my favorite Lasertime personalities (4 way tie 🙂 I just hadn’t been into comics or superheroes for a long time. I think it was the superhero spotlight that brought me back into the fold. Being able to hear all the absurdity that heroes have gone through in our lifetimes (and beyond) reminded me just how fun, and usually stupid, superheroes can be. A nice reminder to not take this stuff so seriously and just have fun. Thanks for that.

    Also your recommendations have been a reminder that superheroes make up only a small part of the comics world. And i’ve been missing out.
    You will be missed. The bright side is that when you show up it will be special! Even though it leaves a hole in our nerdy hearts, you can’t pass up a good opportunity. Good for you.
    Good Luck, buddy!

  13. I know we haven’t heard the last from Henry Gilbert (mainly because Zach Snyder is STILL directing DC movies), but it will be different without hearing his point of view on a weekly basis. As someone who has listened since the TalkRadar days, it took me a while to get accustomed to Henry’s unique personality, but that’s because it was Henry was someone very passionate about his interests and hobbies. Like all the Laser Time crew, Henry is passionate about the things he enjoys and Cape Crisis is a prime example of that. From the superhero spotlights, to Hank’s corner and his thoughts on the latest in the world of comics. I’d listen each week because I knew Henry would have his detailed thoughts ready for the listeners and whether you agreed or disagreed, Henry would stick to his guns because he’s a firm believer in how he feels.

    Henry, thank you sparking my interest to get into current comics, wrestling, and twitter discussions about whatever is on your mind. I wish you the best of luck in your new job. Things won’t be the same without you each week on four or five podcasts in our ears. Thank you for providing years of enjoyable entertainment on a consistent basis. It’s very much appreciated.

    Phil (@Philtheguy on Twitter)

  14. Oh man, I just read Henry is leaving. I’m not a cape crisis guy, but losing him is a loss for all of the LT network. Am on a long roadtrip right now and the LT podcasts are a huge diversion and favorite listening across many miles. You will be missed, sincerely.

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