Kingdom Hearts: Deep Into the Cave of Wonders


Having partnered up with Aladdin, it’s time to head down into the Cave of Wonders to face Jafar and hopefully save Genie and Jasmine…

In case we needed to remind you, Brett’s a tasteless philistine who hasn’t seen a majority of classic Disney films, so the events that unfold in this episode are a¬†genuine surprise to him. If you could please refrain from spoiling any other Disney movies up to half a century old for him, we’d greatly appreciate it. But surely YOU know Aladdin, right?! Would you like to know more?!¬†Check out our 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Aladdin article or our Definitive Guide to Robin Williams Genie Impressions!

Tune in every Sunday for a new episode of Kingdom Hurts! Catch up with the parts you missed on our YouTube Channel or the embedded playlist below.

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