5 Horror Movies to Watch This Summer

Summer is officially here! It’s about 200 degrees in southern California, so it’s the perfect time to stay indoors and watch some horror movies. Below are some new, some old, and some unexpected picks from your regal Laser Time horror master, Moan4stallone.

Turbo Kid

horror, movie, summer, 2016, the horseman, turbo kid, the conjuring 2, fright night, southbound

Nothing says 80s like martial arts, practical effects, and synth music. This film has all of the above — and BMX bikes! Set in a post apocalyptic 1997, a young man scours the desert landscapes looking for comic books and doing insane bike tricks, all the while fighting a somewhat sober Michael Ironside, somewhat. If you liked the film Rad and still have thunder in your heart, definitely check this one out.


horror, movie, summer, 2016, the horseman, turbo kid, the conjuring 2, fright night, southbound

As you all know, this guy loves him some anthology films, and this one does not disappoint: five interlocking tales, each better then the last, featuring the best desert landscape since The Hills Have Eyes. I was desperately trying to figure out what the f*** was going on after each segment until it all came together in the end, and that’s what I loved so much about it! Plus, it features legendary comedian and voice of the legit but sadly forgotten gaming mascot Gex the Gecko — Dana Gould is in this one, yo! Now go get lost in the desert.

The Conjuring 2

horror, movie, summer, 2016, the horseman, turbo kid, the conjuring 2, fright night, southbound

Oh no, M4S has gone commercial with this pick! Hey, occasionally a big studio will put out a decent haunted house flick, and they did with this sequel. James Wan is all right in my book (if you didn’t like Death Sentence you’re crazy!). While an occasional bad CGI moment featuring a certain, shall I say, “crooked man” almost derailed this one for me, it’s probably the best Poltergeist remake out there. I love you, Sam Rockwell, but I’d rather loan my car to Johnny Manziel than ever watch your remake again.

The Horseman

horror, movie, summer, 2016, the horseman, turbo kid, the conjuring 2, fright night, southbound

More of a revenge flick but also a great grindhouse watch, this film is older, but one that I have been wanting to recommend for a while. It stars nobody famous (which adds to the realism); it’s a practical everyman’s answer to the Taken franchise. When the main character’s daughter is drugged, raped, and murdered on camera, this father does what he believes is necessary to avenge his kin. No fancy Liam Fu on display here, just disturbingly good fights and excellent acting in this Australian exploitation film.

Fright Night

horror, movie, summer, 2016, the horseman, turbo kid, the conjuring 2, fright night, southbound

In honor of the late great actor Anton Yelchin, I decided to plug one of his best films here. Sure, Green Room is a better film, but I already wrote it up. Also starring one of my many man crushes, Colin Farrell, this reboot sadly bombed at the box office — and home video, apparently, since I recently purchased the 3D Blu-ray version for under $20. Loosely based on the original 80s classic, this one is modern and fun enough to be a must-see for horror comedy fans.

Well, this is a lighter list than usual, but not a whole lot of good new horror is out at the moment. At least Halloween is only four months away. Until next time, my horror dudes!

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11 thoughts on “5 Horror Movies to Watch This Summer

    1. I totally agree. I have a big place in my heart for the Fright Night remake.

      @ Moan4Stallone – Is it possible when you make these lists that you could mention where we can catch these films? Like The Conjuring 2 is currently in theaters while the Turbo Kid is available on Netflix, Fright Night on DVD… that kind of thing?
      I have to check out the Horseman, I never even heard of it until now.

      1. For sure and I apologize, in the future I will def add where they can be found. Horseman was on amazon prime, so go check it out botha!

    1. Its more of a Mad Max action film then a traditional horor flick, but its gore is 100 percent 80s inspired practical effects, that would make Tom Savini cry tears of joy!

  1. Conjuring 2 was a great, fun time in the theater. James Wan knows how to make great genre films, and I was glad to see all his films right from the beginning with Saw, Dead Silence, and Death Sentence. Plus, now he gets to make Aquaman, which I have no reason to believe that it won’t be as great as his entire filmography.

    However, I have to disagree with Southbound. I rented the film after seeing the positive reviews on RottenTomatoes and seeing many critics who I usually agree with recommend the film, but I couldn’t get the hype. I just found it to be boring, weird but not in a good way, not scary, and all the stories started and ended abruptly so I just had a feeling of whiplash watching the film. The story about the car accident was the only one I liked and the twist in the end was nice, but that was it.

    Also, still bummed out about Anton Yelchin. He was still in his 20s, and it was just a dumb, freak accident that took his life. I just saw Green Room one month and one week ago, and I still can’t believe he is gone. Way too soon.

    1. I came at it in the opposite way as in I hadn’t heard anything about it and thought the description seemed interesting; so I had zero expectstions and was suprised by it but I can see why you didnt dig it. I dont think I will ever watch Alpha Dog again because its just too sad. RIP

      1. Yeah, it’s surprising because anytime a horror film gets critical acclaim, I end up really liking it, like Babadook, It Follows, The Witch. The last time this happened was Eden Lake.

        Also, did you check out The Shallows? It’s more of a thriller, survival tale than straight horror, but I found it to be fun and enjoyable.

        1. Shallows and the new purge are both on my to do list and maybe Eli Roths Clown. Glad to hear shallows is legit.

  2. Wow, I haven’t even heard of The Horseman. Looks like I have something to check out tonight. Great list man!

    If I can add it a couple, pretty much anything that Mike Flanagan has directed. Absentia, Oculus and Hush are all really great movies. Really looking forward to Before I Wake when it comes out.

    1. Man I forgot about before I wake! What is going on with it, I was planning on seeing it upon release back in April and it just disappeared? Oculus was one of my favorite out of nowhere horror movies of that year and Hush is also great. Check amazon prime, Horseman was on it awhile ago. Thanks for checking this out brotha.

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