Watch Independence Day With Us LIVE at 6PM PST!


Want to celebrate America’s upcoming 240th birthday? Spend it with fellow Earthlings Chris, Brett, and Dave at 6PM PST as we do LIVE Monday Night Movie commentary for the 20-year-old (and recently sequelized) Independence Day. TODAY IS OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY!

If you aren’t a part of the Laser Time Patreon (and you REALLY should be a part of it), then you might not know we made a change to the Monday Night Movie commentaries! In case you hadn’t heard: From now on, the live stream of the movie commentary will be open to whoever can show up on time, though the archive/MP3 version of it will remain exclusive to our wonderful Patreon members (and did we mention that as little as $5 a month on the Laser Time Patreon is 100% worth it?!?!). So, what are we going to be watching, live, RIGHT HERE at 6pm Pacific time? Welcome to Earth, because it’s Independence Day!

ID4 IS OVA! Head to Patreon for MP3/Video Commentary/To Stop Being A Bitch And Be A Patron In Order To Get The MP3/Video Commentary!

Does the world’s destruction look as cool via special effects as it did 20 years ago? Who’s missed more in the sequel; Will Smith or Randy Quaid? We’ll find out LIVE on YouTube at 6PM PST.

You can rent or buy ID4 via Digital Download on Amazon – or you could search the galaxy for other methods? Either way, join us at 6pm Pacific to watch along on the YouTube stream below! And if you’re a Patreon supporter, you can download the MP3 archive the day after the stream!

In the meantime, get a taste of how these streams go by watching a previous freebie – maybe it’ll inspire you to jump on the Patreon Bandcamp.

Want even more alien insanity? To celebrate the movie’s release, we did a Royal Rumble featuring the most famous movie and TV aliens, duking it out to become the best in the galaxy. Watch the stream below!

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