Independence Day on PlayStation 1 – Watch Us Play This Shit!


With the actual holiday approaching, the movie’s 20th anniversary just past, and the sequel’s relevance fading fast, we’re gonna play Independence Day’s PS1 adaptation. We’re gonna save Earf LIVE on Twitch at 3PM PST!

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One thought on “Independence Day on PlayStation 1 – Watch Us Play This Shit!

  1. Actually the YF-22 Rapier was the then actual designation of what we now call the F-22 Raptor, but was changed due to the fact it sounded a lot like Rape, yes indeed that was why it was changed. Raptor makes much more sense though since it fits with the theme naming of all the previous F-designed fighters like Eagle, Falcon, and Nighthawk.

    You forgot to mention Roland Emmerich’s fourth film where he destroys the White House, “White House Down” but Henry would probably love it. The plot is that racist right wing mercenaries backed by corporate America interests take over the White House and a very thinly veiled Obama-like President teams up with Secret Service Agent Channing Tatum to kick their ass and along the way their version of Rush Limbaugh is murdered for no reason, they launch an ICBM at Air Force One, there’s a car chase on the White House lawn that the surrounding military and police just sort of watch without doing anything, and the day is saved by a little girls flag waving routine. It is quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen, it is so stupid.

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