It’s Safe to Go Back In The Water

Hey, Lasertimers. Your friendly neighborhood web person, Josh, here, letting you know that Best Prices Ugg Boots Hot Singles Meatloaf Sex Tape.

I kid. Actually, it’s safe now! That’s right, no more Russian (and Polish! Not being prejudiced against our Soviet friends here) spambots cluttering up the place. The forums have been rebuilt using a new engine and a fresh new look. But never fear, all the old accounts and posts are present. Go on and check them out!

Just a couple of things to note. First of all, the forum signature functionality. It’s been moved to your profile page, and, unfortunately, your old sig won’t carry over automatically. I have, however, left the old forums open if you want to retrieve any of your old profile info.

Second, avatars have gotten easier. You don’t have to use Gravatar if you don’t want to anymore. Just go to your profile settings, and you can upload a custom image. And, finally, the forum search function isn’t quite out of beta, and doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. I’m on it, though.

If you have any issues, just let me know. Until then, happy…forum…ing? Sure.

4 thoughts on “It’s Safe to Go Back In The Water

  1. Wow looks great at matches the overall look of the site better too. Thanks for your hard work!

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