Marvel Trading Card Analysis – Spider-Man Presents Bad Jokes


After 76 weeks and nearly 400 videos, we’re finally done with our look back at the influential 1990 Marvel trading card set. How did Impel & Marvel wrap things up? With a bunch of sub-SNL punch lines!

We tried to spruce these up with sound effects and goofy voices, but oh lawdy forgive us for going out like this.

However, the cards feature some great artwork and it does get across (even to kids!) how Spider-Man is a borderline omniscient character within the Marvel Universe. He’s funny, he’s somewhat self aware, he’s serious, he’s sorta young, he’s everything a 10-year-old wants to be and a 30-year-old wishes he was.

That’s the whole playlist for those who’ve missed out. We looked at heroes, villains, famous battles, valuable comics of the era, team pictures, rookies (who all washed out) and then at last, this Spidey stuff.

It’s hard to overstate how much these cards spoke to me back then, and how they set planted countless seeds of interest that would blossom across the subsequent decades. I think I mentioned somewhere in there that these cards were actually taken away from me as punishment one time – meaning, I was reading themĀ so much that they became a way to discipline me.

And yeah, this is a great look at Marvel just before the ’90s really blew up. This is before the Infinity Gauntlet, or the Clone Saga, or Age of Apocalypse, or even things like Wolverine returning to his ’70s yellow costume. It’s a great time capsule that shows X-Men in weird outfits most folks born after 1980-90 don’t even recall, and a time when the Avengers – especially Iron Man, Thor & Cap – were NOT the centers of attention.

Hopefully we’ll do series two some day!

3 thoughts on “Marvel Trading Card Analysis – Spider-Man Presents Bad Jokes

  1. these were terrible jokes but honestly I needed to laugh and chris manning the soundboard definitely helped.
    I didn’t remember the joke cards, I don’t think I kept mine I only kept the characters and my Stan Lee card. I wish i could get him to sign it but I doubt I’ll ever be at a con at the same time he is. poo.
    hopefully one day y’all will do series 2, because I really looked forward to these. they were a fun nostalgia trip i didn’t realize I wanted to take. thanks for kidnapping me and throwing me in the back of the LaserTime van.

  2. I can’t wait to watch this. I still have 3-4 more videos before I catch up. These videos may be my favorite thing that LT has ever done. They are just engrossing to watch. I can’t even imagine the time and effort it took to make them. Thanks again guys. I’m looking forward to laughing my ass off as usual.

  3. The combination of these horrible, horrible jokes and the delicious art really reminds me of my ongoing quest to try and get through Stan Lee era ASM. It’s a pain, but it’s too nice to look at for me to stop completely.

    In any case, I loved watching you guys go through this series and discuss the odities of what Marvel felt was most important and popular in 1990. I can’t remember exactly what set they’re from, but I have a huge collection of Spider-Man trading cards from the 1990s and I’d love to see you guys took a look at set 2.

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