Vidjagame Apocalypse 171 – When They Were Young


Michael Grimm returns to the show this week to help us talk about five games that flashed back to their heroes’ childhoods, letting us experience their most important formative memories firsthand. Then it’s on to thoughts on Inside, Furi, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII; Red Dead Redemption and The Warriors arriving on modern consoles; and your personal picks for Game of the Year (so far).

Question of the Week

Which game character’s childhood would you most like to play through?



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19 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 171 – When They Were Young

      1. Not to mention Kingdom Come, A Death in the Family, Knightfall, Year One, and even other media like Batman Beyond.

  1. I was hoping to hear some love for Salt & Sanctuary in the QOTW responses. Don’t let that game pass you by!

  2. QOTW: Dr.Mario’s years in medical school would make an excellent David Cage-esque story and a video game. American-Italian minority struggling amongst rich kids, big time drama between himself and two love interests (nerdy but reliable Pauline and a slutty cheerleader called Peach) and these horrifying nightmares about mushroom people and gigantic spikey turtles.

  3. Chris said something about God of War’s religion being based on “gods going around randomly impregnating women”, something like that……. doesn’t that sound like the premise of Christianity?? Perhaps the same be said of ALL religions.

  4. QOTW: Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke, I’d love to see angsty pre-teen Isaac chew out his parents for wasting all his college savings on that bullshit religion scientolo…I mean Unitology. And yes that is canon. Isaac hates Unitology not only for making cronenberg zombies but also because his parents spent all of his college savings on donations.

  5. Yuss, more Mikel Grimm. The most memorable childhood sections in videogames to me are the stuff with young Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series, and the Scarecrow-induced hallucinations and flashbacks to Bruce’s childhood in Arkham Asylum.

  6. QOTW: We all know Samus Aran is an intergalactic badass. But she always has been. I’d enjoy seeing how she got there. Metroid Ur-Prime?

  7. For some reason when I log into the site it doesn’t recognize that and asks again even though I’m logged into the main site.

    QOTW: Duke Nukem. How much you want to bet he was actually a fat greasy stereotypical nerd who carried around hot pockets and RPG books and could not talk to girls?

  8. Demon hunter Garcia Hotspur from “Shadows of the Damned” I imagine his teen years were a cross between “Supernatural” and a telenovela.

  9. I would love to play a game as a young Professor Oak. if you subscribe to the post war theory of the original pokemon games, then the world professor oak would be a war torn and recovering time where people are depending on a burgeoning conservation and science based society where professor oak is a young trainer trying to balance being a Young man in a new industry while his peers say his is a sissy for not joining the military or post war cleanup crew where the good jobs are. Theres fewer pokemon centers, more rangers, and a ton of poachers to combat. Poaching cartels are the bad guys and they make team rocket look like school yard bullies to their MGSV private military corps.

  10. QOTW: Rugrats no… Kid Icarus… erm DARTH VADER! … damn it.

    Actually i’d like to play a game of Jesus in the young years. Where he rebelled and didn’t want to be a carpenter/saviour, he just wanted to see his band be successful. Jesus the Petulant years AKA Christian Rock Band 😀

  11. QOTW: I’d like to play through the child soldier days of Raiden from MGS. They always talk up what a badass/PTSD basketcase he is from that, but you never see what it was really like.

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