The Best New Amazon Releases: Ghostbusters and Monster Hunters


The next generation of Monster Hunting, a mysterious new Ghostbusters game, and a great horror movie featuring a gone-too-soon star stand atop this week’s new Amazon releases. Buy through Laser Time and help us out!

July is in full swing (check out our best-of-the-half-year Laser Time as proof), and you can tell August and the beginning of “games getting better” season is right around the corner since this week has a few game releases worth discussing (alongside some fun interesting movies hitting Blu-ray). While we’ll see bigger weeks come October and November, we’ve got a neat and varied group of discs and cartridges here, and Amazon Prime members know that there’s no better time to buy than at launch, since new physical editions of games come with a nifty 20% discount! Without further ado, let’s see what’s new!

Monster Hunter Generations
While you can bet that Brett and Chris will have plenty to say about MHG after its release on Friday, I can’t help but worry about the timing for the next chapter in this adventure franchise. With the world GOing gaga over Pokemon Go, will there be an audience willing to fork over $40 bucks (less on Amazon Prime) for this experience. Still, MH fans are a dedicated lot, so perhaps it’s a moot point anyway. If you’re looking for a new, limited edition console to match your MoHun skills, there’s a New 3DS XL Monster Hunter Generations limited edition system that doesn’t include the game, but does pack in a MH-emblazoned system! In You’ll save 20% as an Amazon Prime member on the standalone game, but the 3DS bundle doesn’t include the same discount. Sorry, bargain hunters!

While the world continues to debate whether the new Ghostbusters are an inspiration or an affront to humanity, Activision has slyly slipped out a new game without anyone noticing. We’ve never had a great Ghostbusters game (the Xbox 360/PS3 one came closest), and given the complete silence surrounding this game, I don’t have high hopes. However, stranger things have happened, and this ghost is entering the world a bit cheaper than most with a $50 price tag (which is lessened if you have Amazon Prime). You can bust ghosts on PlayStation 4 (shown above) or on Xbox One and if saving makes you feel good, you’ll save 20% with Amazon Prime!

7th Dragon III Code: VFD
If monsters and ghosts aren’t in your wheelhouse, how about some good-old dragon hunting? After over a half-decade of Japanese exclusivity, Sega is releasing an entry in its 7th Dragon series stateside with the most confusing title possible. Yes, it’s the THIRD game in the SEVENTH Dragon series, but since we haven’t had any in the past, why not simplify the title for us American goobers? Anywho, those in search of a deep portable role-playing experience are in luck, as it’s been getting good-to-great reviews thus far.  Here’s a code that won’t confuse you; if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll save 20% off this 3DS RPG. OMG!

Green Room
The recent death of Anton Yelchin has been such a huge bummer because the actor was likely going to have a huge 2016. It started with this, an indie horror movie with a unique premise about a punk band stranded at a venue with murderous neo-Nazis and this summer’s Star Trek movie was going to continue his ascent. Still, this movie is an unforgettable one with the late Mr. Yelchin as one of the protagonists and Patrick Stewart in a rare villainous role. A24 has been on a roll this year, releasing many of our favorite movies of the 2016 so far, so this Green is well worth buying on Blu.

Everybody Wants Some
Here’s a movie that went completely under the radar. You’re telling me that the follow-up to Boyhood was a period comedy from the director of Dazed and Confused… and nobody paid any attention. Maybe it’s the generic title, maybe it just wasn’t easily marketable, but I’m dead set on getting me some of Everybody Wants Some now that it’s available on home video. Richard Linklater has shown to be a risk-taker and a singular voice in moviemaking and I’d love to take a trip back to the 80s, even if we won’t see Ethan Hawke age throughout the decade.

For some reason, I find myself utterly fascinated with the Divergent series. The first two films had moderate success with special-effects laden scenes and few bankable stars. Pulling the Harry Potter/Hunger Games gambit and attempting to turn the last book in a series into two movies seemed to backfire, as Allegiant was the least-profitable movie in the franchise by a long shot. It seems as though the series will still conclude (no sense in stopping now), but with a highly budgeted lame duck finale to this sci-fi series on the way, I’m oddly drawn to see Divergent’s modest rise and slight fall.

Miracles From Heaven
In a way, it’s not surprising that Bennifer 2.0 didn’t stay together, because their careers are headed in such different directions. Ben Affleck is on the rise as one of the rare bright spots in Batman V Superman and has plenty of high-profile directing gigs in his future, while Jennifer Garner is carving out her role as the queen of motherly roles. She’s had a few supporting mom-type gigs in the past, but now she’s a main-event mother with this movie about an incurably sick girl who is miraculously cured. I’m sure J-Gar has plenty of emotional scenes that Ben will be slightly jealous of as he grimaces in a black masked costume for the next half-decade.



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