Monday Night Movie – Star Trek: First Contact


In honor of ST Beyond’s upcoming release, we’re gonna watch a Trek movie tonight over on our YouTube channel – or right below, once the stream is live. The question was, WHICH Trek movie would be honored with a MNM viewing?

Welp, we asked our fine Patrons to weigh in, and y’all heavily leaned towards 1996’s First Contact. It’s a great semi-sequel to the show’s “Best of Both Worlds” two-parter, AND gives the Next Generation cast its first-ever movie without members of the Original Series cashing cameo checks. You can watch our commentary¬†below (the movie is available on Netflix, so check it out there if you have that particular service):

STREAM OVER! Get the audio/video commentary (and so very much more) on Patreon, or get the audio commentary on Laser Time’s Bandcamp!

It’s a fast-paced, Borg-infested action romp… that also has tons of down time, Trek backstory lore and speeches aplenty. Everything you’d want from a TNG film, really. And say hello to the Enterprise E while you’re at it!


I would’ve preferred VI: The Undiscovered Country because it’s probably the best one you’ve never seen… but First Contact works too! See you at 6pm Pacific!

2 thoughts on “Monday Night Movie – Star Trek: First Contact

  1. This is the best Next Gen movie and a great science fiction movie in it’s own right. This is easily one of the movies I show people new to Trek of how good the franchise can be.

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