Monday Night Movie – Star Trek: First Contact


In honor of ST Beyond’s upcoming release, we’re gonna watch a Trek movie tonight over on our YouTube channel – or right below, once the stream is live. The question was, WHICH Trek movie would be honored with a MNM viewing?

Welp, we asked our fine Patrons to weigh in, and y’all heavily leaned towards 1996’s First Contact. It’s a great semi-sequel to the show’s “Best of Both Worlds” two-parter, AND gives the Next Generation cast its first-ever movie without members of the Original Series cashing cameo checks. You can watch our commentary below (the movie is available on Netflix, so check it out there if you have that particular service):

STREAM OVER! Get the audio/video commentary (and so very much more) on Patreon, or get the audio commentary on Laser Time’s Bandcamp!

It’s a fast-paced, Borg-infested action romp… that also has tons of down time, Trek backstory lore and speeches aplenty. Everything you’d want from a TNG film, really. And say hello to the Enterprise E while you’re at it!


I would’ve preferred VI: The Undiscovered Country because it’s probably the best one you’ve never seen… but First Contact works too! See you at 6pm Pacific!

2 thoughts on “Monday Night Movie – Star Trek: First Contact

  1. This is the best Next Gen movie and a great science fiction movie in it’s own right. This is easily one of the movies I show people new to Trek of how good the franchise can be.

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