PlayStation Plus Rules: T Time Episode 3

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Nowadays, every video game company has its own special club. Xbox has Games with Gold, EA has Access, and Sony has PlayStation Plus. So what makes Sony’s service so good? And what is it really meant for?


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3 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus Rules: T Time Episode 3

  1. Not sure if it was intentional but you go out of focus for the rest of the video starting at 4:14. Also Dark Souls was never a PS Plus game but Demons’ Souls was. *pushes up invisible glasses*

    The running Kaz joke was pretty great.

    1. Oh believe me, I know — camera issues forced me to quickly re-shoot that part before I left town. It’s less noticeable on mobile, fortunately. And unless I had a Freudian slip, it should be Demon’s Souls and not Dark.

  2. As a PS fan since the original PS1, I will never, ever get PSPlus.

    The entire thing is a scam and the idea of the “free” games is a joke.

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