The Best New Amazon Releases: Batman v Superman v OJ Simpson


It’s an absolutely desolate week for new game releases, but we’ve got plenty of big flicks on Blu-ray to peruse for this week’s roundup of new Amazon releases!

I’ve been curating these here Amazon roundups for almost six months now, and I’ve never seen a week as devoid of games as this one, save E3 week’s movie-only haul. Luckily, we do have a very promising game headlining this lineup alongside some great movies. SPEAKING of movies, we’ve got a great new Laser Time about Ghostbusters-esque special-effects comedies and our Patreon pals can score a new movie commentary for Star Trek: First Contact featuring Trek superfan Brett Elston. But as for this week’s Amazon stuff, it awaits below!

I Am Setsuna
With all of the high-budget overdone Final Fantasy games that have released in recent years, it’s strange to think of Square Enix making a full-length non-polygonal JRPG for the masses (outside of just mobile phones or portable systems). But here we have I Am Setsuna, which moves away from the MMORPG-esque playstyle of recent FF games to a style more influenced by the active time battle system used in the likes of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 7. A sad byproduct of this experiment is that we don’t have a retail release in the cards right now, but you can get a download code for the game on PC (above) or PSN credit towards purchasing this $40 release.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Yes, we’re done with games already. Instead, have this superhero movie which is basically one big videogame. While we here at Laser Time were not fans of BvS (check out our Batman v Superman review episode), fans of DC’s crossover film might enjoy the extras that come with the Blu-ray release. An extended runtime with 30 minutes more footage and behind-the-scenes features should give fans more of what they want, while first-time viewers can rest assured they’ll get the most exposition possible for this universe-setting film.

OJ: Made in America
What a year for OJ Simpson. Well, not really. The dude is still in jail and probably will stay there for the rest of his life, where he probably won’t be able to watch all of the new content created around the brutal murders most attribute to the NFL Hall of Famer. FX’s The People vs OJ Simpson has been one of 2016’s best new series (listen to our Best of 2016 So Far Laser Time for more), but there’s also plenty of room for a more-accurate documentary series. And who better to make said documentary than ESPN’s wonderful 30 for 30 series? This series has been chatted up pretty positively on Bonus Time as of late, so it should be well worth checking out.

The Return of the Living Dead
With George Romero’s “Of The Dead” series having a mini-renaissance over the last decade (mini in that it’s long since concluded), folks have overlooked the other franchise that splintered from Night of the Living Dead. Sure, the Living Dead series is a lot more campy and uneven, but Return of the Living Dead gave some more personality to the undead and also established many zombie “rules” that future horror films have followed to this date (like brain-eating), even if few other films have talking undead like RotLD.

To Have and Have Not
I must confess if you asked me whether I Have or Have Not seen this movie, I’d tell you it’s the latter. While I’m furiously flipping the Diana-signal, the Thirty Twenty Ten host is nowhere to be seen, so I’ll have to judge this (recently released on Blu-ray) movie by its cover. It’s notable in that it’s the first of many movies that co-star Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall,so discovering the origins of the chemistry of the eventually married movie stars is reason enough to seek this movie out.

Bad Moon
Between Laser Time’s secret “shitlords” movie nights and local independent movie theaters showing late night schlockfests (we talk about Skatetown USA on this week’s imminent Bonus Time), my radar for classically bad movies has widened considerably over the last few years. Perhaps that’s why Bad Moon is my most anticipated movie of the week. I recently caught the trailer on YouTube and the prospect of Mariel Hemmingway and the kid who played Dennis the Menace fending off a werewolf seems like a real delight. Here’s hoping it’s as bad as advertised.

Elvis & Nixon
When I first heard there was a movie about the meeting between Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley, I scoffed. How much backstory could there possibly be behind one photo opportunity? Is this historical recreation just a bunch of padding to get to a single image? Then I discovered the cast and changed my mind immediately. Kevin Spacey as our most disgraced president is a shoo-in; even before he played politics on House of Cards, Spacey had a very Nixon-esque look about him. Michael Shannon as Elvis is not something I’d ever considered, but he was able to do a good job with the difficult-to-play Zod, so the King of Rock and Roll is certainly within his wheelhouse.



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2 thoughts on “The Best New Amazon Releases: Batman v Superman v OJ Simpson

  1. You haven’t seen Bad Moon? Well, you’re in for a treat!

    Actually, it’s a pretty decent low budget thriller. Michael Pare is a terrible actor, but even with his presence it’s still okay.

    I’m gonna pick up two copies of BvS. One for me, and one for the spirit of Henry.

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