Wonder Woman, Defenders, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Justice League trailers!


Is there some kind of comic book convention this weekend?? It’s almost like every studio banking their fortunes on superheroes decided to release some kind of trailer today!

After the humdrum sad-sack grey-tone boo-hoo dirge that was BvS, it’s unexpectedly pleasant to see such a (relatively) humanized teaser for Justice League. After all, this should be the most grandiose, opera-singers-chanting-from-the-mountaintops trailer of them all… but instead it’s basically Batman meeting people and asking for their help. The constant “is War Pigs about to start playing?” music in the background and the Wyoming Gas Station-esque movie logo further bring this supernatural, otherworldly concept down to earth.

I like it! I love Flash in this, I think Aquaman looks ok, Cyborg has my attention and Batfleck continues to impress. I really love the line, “I’m real when it’s useful.”

Unlike JL’s more casual “just for SDCC folks” trailer, Wonder Woman makes her big debut with a more traditional “NEXT SUMMER… ETC ETC ETC” sizzle reel. While Gal looks great in the suit and some of the combat scenes look sick af, I don’t really get a sense of what the movie is about… other than Wonder Woman will be in a movie in 2017 and it takes place before she met Ben Affleck in the movie I saw in 2016. And both of those take place before Justice League, which is also 2017.

I will see this, and want it to be good / do well. But this trailer isn’t selling me on any one specific thing or total “holy shit” moment. Hoping it’ll just be good moment to moment, and actually sustain my attention for the whole two hours. I can’t get a read on this… help!

Granted, we can’t expect much from the often-teased-but-equally-often-delayed Defenders trailer – the four shows it unites aren’t even wrapped up yet – but for the moment I’m just glad to see some kind of movement on the Daredevil + Jessica Jones + Luke Cage + Iron Fist TVengers event.

Gotta admit though, the “you can’t even save yourselves line” is a liiiiittle eye-rolly.

Not a lot to go off of – it is a teaser after all – but I have enough faith in the Netflix x Marvel relationship to give this the benefit of the doubt. Fist is great in his street-level books, especially when he’s running into DD, Cage and the other Marvel Knights.

Unsurprisingly, this looks fantastic. Cage was one of the (many) great characters in Jessica Jones, and will no doubt kill it in his own show. The physicality and confidence pouring out of Cage is a treat to watch, and since (AFAIK) he doesn’t have any one particular villain or storyline from which to crib, we can watch without trying to constantly outsmart ourselves. Every 10 seconds of Daredevil is “is that Bullseye? Is that Bullseye? OOOO IT’S OWL EVERYONE THAT”S THE OWL.”

So yeah. Lots to think / see / wonder!

15 thoughts on “Wonder Woman, Defenders, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Justice League trailers!

  1. I kinda like that the Wonder Woman was all action. You can spoil action but at the end of the day seeing it on a laptop can’t compare to big screen. I want to go in to this movie not really knowing the whole thing. But you still get ideas of where this is going. This trailer seems great for theories. Look at the scene with soldiers fighting WW on a beach. That screams the world of man tries to invade Themyscira so like WW meets Steve Trevor, WW fights Germans, and the allies want more WW type soldiers so they try to invade Themyscira? I don’t know that’s the cool part.

  2. Thumbs up Brett.
    Now that WBs finally kicked fucking David S Goyer out we’ll probably see some good Dc films.

  3. I was into the Justice League trailer, but then I thought of ways to be mad about it. The Flash has basically been made into Civil War’s Spiderman without the “authentic” costume and not only that he is an idiot who isn’t aware of who Billionaire, Philanthropist, Playboy Bruce Wayne is? And his lighting is blue? Ect. with every character.

    But Wonder Woman looks cool in her brightly colored outfit AGAINST all the drabness of a World War. Do you think they pushed her back into World War I as to not “copy” Captain America (also with shield) or is this the same logic as BvS’ Martha. They both shorten to WW!

    There was also a new Dr. Strange trailer. Finally a Marvel film to get high at!

    1. Okay 1. A younger excitable person on a team in a movie was not invented this year.
      2. Why would he know of a random Billionaire who lives in a different state, the publics awareness of Bruce Wayne has never been substantial and changes based on story, if Barry Allen lived in Gotham, sure itd be weird not to know him, but he doesnt.
      I dont know any billionaires unless they make their presence known on reality tv.

  4. I shouldnt have giggled at the Justice league teaser because it’s a cinematic DC movie and you arnt suppose to have fun. but I did and now I’m looking forward to it, which is a huge surprise after you know those other two disasters.
    And why is Batman using his gravely voice to the other JL members when their alone in costume together?

  5. So I watched both of these trailers with my sister (big DC fan) and while she was really excited for JL, I never saw he react to something so strongly as the Wonder Woman trailer. She was smiling the whole time and doing those fanboy oooh’s and awws, which is amazing as she is a very reserved person. Afterwards, she basically told me ‘JL looks great, but you know Wonder Woman looks fucking awesome. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten a movie like this”. That was a really cool moment for me just to see how much a female-led no bullshit comicbook movie really meant to her, and regardless of how you feel about DC’s movies that’s a great thing that a lot of women get to feel that way.

  6. Wonder Woman is a major superhero movie set during World War One. That’s all you really need to know Brett. That’s all I need to get me excited because it’s such an original idea, especially for such a big superhero origin story.

  7. All this DC Films news and potential is making me extremely happy. I enjoyed the ultimate edition of Batman v Superman, and I already have my tickets for Suicide Squad IMAX. After the leaks last year with trailers, it’s nice that WB/DC is putting all their trailers online for everyone to see in 1080p. Justice League looks great, Suicide Squad continues to look fun and crazy, and Wonder Woman is easily the DC Film that I’m most excited to see, especially after that trailer. Like this year, there will be plenty of superhero films next year and I feel that Wonder Woman could have the potential to be the best one.

  8. It’d be nice to see a DC movie with a little fucking brevity for once and Justice League might deliver on that (still won’t be as good as any avengers flick)

  9. I’m optimistic about Wonder Woman. I like how in the fight scenes everything is sort of grey but she is like a beacon of colour especially with her glowing lasso. JL certainly seems to be heading in a better direction now. I liked how Bruce didn’t have to convince Flash at all to join the team and yeah Cyborg looks pretty cool. A bit concerned that they are over compensating with Aquaman though.

    As for the Netflix stuff I just can’t wait to see all these characters team up.

  10. The song in the JL trailer was Icky Thump by the White Stripes. Say what you will about Snyder, but he has great music taste (I hate Sucker Punch but I’ll watch that Silver Sun Pickups trailer any day). As for the WW trailer, the “holy shit” moment for me was her blocking the machine gun fire with her shield on the battlefield. I can’t wait for all this DC stuff, and I really want it to be good. As for the Marvel stuff, I’m sure it’ll be good, because it usually is.

  11. As far as the Justice League goes I will wait and see. Flash seemed ok as far as the character goes, but I don’t like the outfit/blue sparks after seeing the great outfit from the CW show. Aquaman looks good and I’m still not sure why Cyborg is here instead of some other hero like Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter. I also thought it was funny/interesting/wasted opportunity to not talk about/show superman in the trailer, and yet he’s on the Poster that I’ve seen circulating.

    Super Woman looks interesting, have a feeling it will end on a downer since we already know she gave up on mankind a hundred years ago etc etc.

    The Dr. Strange trailer I think is my favorite so far, really looking forward to that this fall.
    Defenders/Iron Fist don’t really grab me but given Netflix/Marvel’s record I’m hopeful. Luke Cage looks awesome and I can’t wait. All though I am a little concerned that they may be getting predictable with one, uncut, hallway fight scene per season with these shows. Just don’t want it to be too predictable. I was hoping for something abut Punisher but guess it’ll have to wait until next year.

  12. okay… all of these look good. I think I was mostly just tired of Batman and Supes every so many years, because I want to see the WW movie and the JL movie. And I’m really excited about Luke Cage, I’m familiar enough with his character, but I’ve never really thought he was too cool in contrast to other characters in the MCU. but seeing him in real life action like that and not just on stagnant comics pages did something for me. I’m excited. Iron fist looks like… well, I don’t know yet, but I have faith they’ll do well with it. And here I was thinking we were racing head first into superhero burnout, but this looks like it’s going to be exciting.

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